• The majority of Twitter's remaining workforce is "just sitting around," an employee revealed
  • Musk reportedly brought in over 50 of his trusted employees from Tesla to work at Twitter
  • Quite a few employees are reportedly unsure about the status of their health benefits

On the heels of massive layoffs at Twitter, the company's workforce has been divided in two, according to a new report.

While some employees were working 20 hours per day, "the majority of the company is kind of just sitting around" and waiting for orders to follow, an employee revealed, as per a report by the Platformer published late Monday.

The ones working long hours are part of a "couple of teams that are on [Musk's] pet projects," the employee said, adding that for the rest of them, there was "no chain of command, no priorities, no organization chart, and in many cases, no idea who your manager or team is."

News of the chaotic work environment at Twitter after Elon Musk's decision to lay off half the employees came as the social media company seeks to make money while also reorganizing with a smaller workforce. The layoffs have resulted in a class action lawsuit.

Aside from the difficulties remaining workers experienced in terms of management and chain of command, there have also been problems with health benefits, Platformer reported.

Employees posted questions about how their health benefits will fair under Musk's new Twitter, but their questions have yet to be answered, the outlet reported.

Meanwhile, Musk has brought in over 50 trusted employees from his other company, Tesla, to work at Twitter, as per a CNBC report from Oct. 31. However, it is unknown if the said Tesla employees have been given specific tasks or teams to handle.

Addressing the massive workforce reduction at Twitter, Musk said Saturday that there was "no choice" but to trim the headcount as the company was losing "over $4M/day."

Some employees who retained their jobs told the Platformer they believe the tech billionaire is looking to further reduce Twitter's employee headcount by implementing "impossible" return-to-office policies.

Meanwhile, the former employees who were laid off Friday said they were displeased that Musk did not once attempt to speak with them before the layoffs.

One employee told the Platformer that he saw Musk's move as "downright cowardly" because the SpaceX founder "couldn't bring himself to sign his name to the layoff email."

India's Communications, Electronics & Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw told the Business Standard that Twitter "should have given the employees a fair time for transition." His comments came after Bloomberg reported that more than 90% of Twitter staff in India have been fired.

Musk completed the acquisition of Twitter on Oct. 27 and has since implemented massive changes, including a revamped Twitter Blue subscription service, and the dissolution of the corporate board.

Illustration shows Elon Musk image on smartphone and printed Twitter logos
Retained Twitter employees appear to be suffering from the aftermath of last week's massive layoffs. Reuters