Right after the Hong Kong Stock Market closed on Monday; the financial hub was hit by gales as typhoon Vicente swept through it. The Hong Kong Observatory issued a No 8 tropical cyclone warning immediately which disputed business in the capital and all the workers were asked to go home early from office.

According to the warning issued on Tropical Cyclone Bulletin, Vincente intensified as it moved northwestward edging closer to Hong Kong. It further added that typhoon Vicente was expected to skirt about 100 kilometers to the Southwest of Hong Kong.

The bulletin added, If local winds further strengthen, the Observatory may consider the necessity of issuing higher tropical cyclone signals. Some international flights were cancelled and if the gales continue than schools, government services, businesses and the stock market would remained close as of Tuesday.

In southern China, Xinhua news agency reported that officials in Hainan Island issued a red alert amid heavy rains and thunderstorms as the typhoon approached. It further added that more winds, up to 100 kilometers per hour were expected to strengthen along the Southern Chinese Coast.  

According to Reuters, the city's port, ferry services and underground rail system closed or ran at reduced capacity as authorities raised the typhoon warning to eight, two below the most severe level.

More updates regarding the typhoon can be found on the official website of the Hong Kong Observatory. It will also report on whether the financial and government services will be functioning on Tuesday.