Uber revolutionized the ride-hailing game and since then it's branched out to other industries like food delivery with Uber Eats. Now it’s entering the trucking business by creating new a model for truck drivers or trucking businesses looking to make their day-to-day more efficient.

The app uses the same technology principle as regular Uber does but uses it to match carriers with shippers. The software’s just been updated to fit the needs of drivers and businesses. This streamlines the booking process and makes shipping more efficient for people on either end of the shipment, says Uber.

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The app comes with some other perks too that ease the challenges carriers sometimes face when finding their next job. The goal is to make it easier for carriers to find their next shipment, to get paid quickly and more fairly and to see prices before they agree to a shipment.

There are more than 1.6 million tractor trailer drivers in the United States, according to 2014 data from the Department of Transportation. They keep the country going and make sure good gets delivered on time so when you need to pick something up from there store it’s there on the shelf.

The Uber Freight app isn’t the first to try this approach in the multi-billion dollar industry of trucking. Other apps have done it, but without the technology and background of Uber. The app promises to pay Freight drivers accessorial fees that come along with any load they take on through the app. The fees are published online and available for potential app users to see before signing up or taking on a trip or load. But Uber specifies that they can change the fees “at our discretion,” meaning the fees could change, for better or worse.

Additionally, the company vows to pay drivers quickly. Within seven days to be exact. Uber said drivers will no longer have to wait weeks to get paid for their trips, the app will take care of that quickly.

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While all of this sounds great, and the promotional video of the truck driver with his dog is adorable, some people have concerns.

The app, available now for Apple and Android devices in the App Store and on Google Play, already has some negative reviews. It’s unclear whether the reviews are from users of the app or people just expressing concern over the potential problems with the app and the company itself.

One reviewer on Google Play gave the app one star and wrote “Not a place for Uber. Freight is way more complex than giving someone a ride home from the bar . Stick to what you know and leave freight to the pros. What's next Uber Parcel Service? Come on.

While a reviewer on the App Store echoed these sentiments writing, “Not all freight is as cut and dry as your hoping for. Sometimes the need for a middle man is necessary to get the rate that is fair or doable…

However some reviews are positive, calling the app “revolutionary,” “amazing.” It may take some time to tell whether the idea can translate into a change in the industry.