A self-proclaimed UFO expert claims that one of the photos from the Apollo 10 mission includes an image of an alien "Dark Knight" satellite. The expert considers the photo a solid evidence regarding the presence of extraterrestrial beings hovering near Earth.

Conspiracy theories surrounding the Black Knight satellite have been around for decades. According to these theories, a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin is flying in Earth’s near-polar orbit. Supporters of the theories claim that even though photographs taken by previous space missions show the Black Knight satellite, NASA is actively covering up the truth about the alien spacecraft.

Recently, UFO expert Scott Waring revealed that he has found proof of the existence of the Black Knight satellite after re-examining a photo from the Apollo 10 mission, which launched on May 18, 1969. He shared the image that he studied through his blog ET Data Base.

Using photo editing software, Waring tweaked certain features of the photograph to make it clearer and to enhance the overall image. By doing so, he was able to get a clearer view of the unknown object in the photo.

Waring speculated that the mysterious spacecraft could be a bio-mechanical or living ship due to its strange features that look like appendages.

“It has large arms,” Waring said in the Youtube video he made on his discovery. “Astronauts have said they have seen large L-shaped arms fly past their shuttle.”

According to Waring, the image from the Apollo 10 photograph matched the description of other Dark Knight satellites from previous reports. He noted that even though evidence of the mysterious satellites exists, NASA has not yet released a public report acknowledging the alien spacecraft.

For the space agency, on the other hand, the alleged photographs of the Dark Knight satellites only show pieces of space debris that are floating around Earth.

One of the photos that conspiracy theorists refer to came from the STS-88 mission to the International Space Station in 1998. In the photo, a dark object can be seen floating near Earth. According to the space agency, photographed object was actually a thermal blanket that was lost during the mission.

Dark Knight Satellite
Detail of NASA photo id STS088-724-66 taken during Space Shuttle mission STS-88, described as showing an item of "space debris", an object claimed by conspiracy theorists to be an alien satellite, the Black Knight. NASA