A prominent self-proclaimed UFO researcher claims to have found an alien city on the dark side of the moon, characterized by many “structures” that look “abandoned.”

UFO enthusiast Scott Waring was looking at a photo of the Giordano Bruno crater when he said he found moon “structures” that could be more than a hundred million years old. In an entry on the ET Database, Waring claimed that these “structures” look “old, broken and abandoned” by aliens after “some tragic event happened.”

Is it intelligent design?

Waring explained his opinion about the “structures” in a 23-minute video on YouTube. He said that he was unable to notice some of these “structures” as “alien” because we, as humans, aren’t “programmed” to recognize them. He only noticed some of them after focusing, taking a closer look to examine the details.

Many of the structures, he claimed, had very “reflective” roofs. Some of them looked like “ships” that were either cut in half or had crashed. Some of these “ships” had other “ships” inside of them, but were left there as the aforementioned tragic event prevented the aliens “from exiting fully.”

He also claimed that some of these “structures” were “intelligently” designed and “created” for a “purpose.” Some of the buildings had “tubes,” some had “openings,” and some “buildings” had “smaller buildings” in them or beside them. He even claimed that some of the “buildings” were connected to one another.

Furthermore, he claimed to have seen one certain structure that had a “fork” that resembled “Aquaman’s” trident while also looking like the big “M” that McDonald’s uses as a logo.

The sign for McDonald's is seen in Times Square in New York, July 23, 2015. Reuters/Brendan McDermid

All in all, Waring claimed that while the “structures” looked like rocks at first glance, he said they all became like “structures” and “buildings” to him when he examined the details in each of them.

All of the photos Waring showed were screenshots taken from a larger NASA photo. Those interested to look at the photo for personal research and investigation can access it here.

Or is it just another mind trick?

This is not the first time conspiracy theorists claimed to have found structures on the moon’s surface. Aside from this “city,” he also claimed to have found pyramids, a dish and many others. NASA, however, dismisses these and many other similar claims as a result of a psychological mind trick called “pareidolia.”