A leaked video from the littoral combat ship the USS Omaha shows an unidentified flying object parallel above the pacific ocean before it hovers and disappears into the body of water.

The footage dates back to July 2019, when the ship was sailing off the coast of San Diego. The video was shared by Jeremy Corbell, an investigative filmmaker. 

The transmedium vehicle, which is a vehicle that can travel through air and water, was spotted by US Navy personnel, who initially suspected they spotted an aerial intruder.

However, when the Navy sent a submarine to investigate the UFO sighting, they didn’t find any traces of the vehicle, which sparked extraterrestrial theories.

During an interview between Journalist George Knapp and Cobell regarding the latest UFO video and other similar footage, Knapp noted that the combat ship was equipped with advanced technology that may have assisted in the capturing of the footage.

“The USS Omaha is what is called littoral, not literal, but littoral combat ship, built to be small and fast and maneuverable and suitable for multiple kinds of missions that the ships were created to, a lot of different kinds of roles,” he said.

“Anti-submarine warfare, anti mines, anti-surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, special ops, so it’s jam-packed with sophisticated sensors, it should be able to see unidentified craft that are heading its way. It should be able to get it on radar, sonar, various sensors.”

Since the object went into the water and was never recovered, Corbell noted that it was easy to spark different theories about what it could have been.

“We’ve got one that appears to be going in the water, again, appears to be because there was no destruction, there was no craft, there was nothing they could find,” he explained.

“That’s why people are thinking it’s transmedium. It was going in the water to be able to go. And we just don’t know.”

Despite the new video and theories surrounding it, spotting a UFO is nothing new for the military. Last month, a spokesperson from the Pentagon confirmed the sighting of a UFO by a Navy pilot.

UFO The CIA has posted a trove of documents related to UFOs. Pictured: The moon shines above a group of people on a UFOs tour in the desert outside Sedona, Arizona, Feb. 14, 2013. Photo: Reuters/Mike Blake