• Britain is in a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • The nation's experts recommend a lockdown of one year
  • Another concern of the group was closing down schools

The UK Government’s chief advisers on the coronavirus outbreak revealed that travel and socializing restrictions would eventually be relaxed. They also said, however, that there is a strong likelihood that the measures will again be imposed if National Health Service beds again fill up.

Mr. Johnson was advised on Monday that closing restaurants and pubs are among the ways of helping Britain control the pandemic. This was revealed in the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, or SAGE, minutes of the meeting.

A Ton Of Concern In Different Areas

SAGE’s minutes of the meeting also revealed that experts were very concerned at the decision of the government to close schools. They said such a move could heavily impact low-income residents and would also delay the peak of the virus by a maximum of only three weeks.

one year lockdown advised for UK
one year lockdown advised for UK iXimus

Behavioral scientists also said that banning all mass gatherings would have a little direct effect. They also said people would likely follow the advice if they see serious measures being undertaken by the government.

Experts also said that it is unlikely the people will engage in large scale rioting, particularly at the outbreak’s peak. Though they said, this might happen if the public will feel they are not being protected by the government.

Timely Intervention Is Needed

According to the SAGE advisers, acts of humanity and unselfishness will predominate at this time. It is also important that the government make people feel and see those response strategies are in place. Failing to see that may result in increased tension, which will not be helping the situation either way.

Jeremy Farrar, a director of the Wellcome Trust and is also a member of SAGE, in an interview, said that the timing of intervention is a balancing act. He admitted they do not get everything right, and they have and will continue committing mistakes. Farrar said there are no established rules here and no textbooks to follow. He added that their decisions are mostly judgment calls, based on scientific information and the prevailing situation. SAGE’s decisions are made with the very best faith but with much difficulty.

MPs have been asked to promote collective action in a bid to help avoid tensions. Experts told them that all messaging should strengthen that sense of community and the feeling that everyone is all in this together.