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  • The alleged uncle of The Givers CEO Ahn Sung II gave his thoughts on his nephew
  • The uncle called Ahn a "scam artist" amid the latter's legal disputes with Attrakt
  • Ahn got sued for allegedly obtaining the copyright to FIFTY FIFTY's "Cupid" illegally

The alleged uncle of The Givers CEO Ahn Sung Il has claimed that his nephew was a known scam artist in his family, fueling the speculation that the latter obtained the copyright for FIFTY FIFTY's "Cupid" illegally.

South Korean YouTuber Gamsung Sound previously met with the unnamed uncle and uploaded portions of their interview via his official channel on the platform. During their discussion, the uncle got candid about his thoughts on the recent legal disputes.

Though the unidentified person's face was blurred throughout the video, the viewers could hear his voice as the pair conversed inside a car. Interestingly, instead of defending his nephew, he openly shared how he was against Ahn's "wrongdoings."

"I told him, 'Even from my point of view, you did something wrong.' Do you think the public would remain silent?" the man said, according to a translation from Allkpop, adding that he urged his nephew to apologize and publicly admit to his deceitful actions. International Business Times couldn't independently verify that the man was indeed Ahn's relative.

The uncle further shared that Ahn was called a "sagikoon" — scam artist when translated into English — by their other relatives. The nickname was allegedly given due to their past experiences with him.

"They all call him a 'scammer.' They all say, 'Oh, the scammer is here' whenever he arrives," he said. During the interview, Gamsung Sound emphasized that Ahn had a history of financial disputes with his clan and that the latter seemed unbothered by the controversy, continuing to deny his fault.

"So, Ahn Sung Il doesn't believe he has done anything wrong. He believes that FIFTY FIFTY didn't gain much popularity in Korea anyway. Just as we Koreans are unaware of major incidents involving overseas celebrities and simply enjoy their music, he believes that whatever happens in Korea will go unnoticed by the world," the uncle claimed, per the YouTuber.

When asked by Gamsung Sound if Ahn intended to pursue his stance against Attrakt, the uncle responded, "Oh yes, of course. I think so. The girls are only 18 or 19 years old. How many 19-year-olds would know about legal terms like a provisional injunction to suspend contracts? The person who manipulated all this is Ahn Sung Il."

The uncle believed that the music executive also manipulated the families of Aran, Sio, Saena and Keena, urging them to register copyright trademarks and file a lawsuit against their daughter's music label. Though he also urged Ahn to accept defeat and apologize, the latter was adamant that he did nothing wrong.

Most recently, Attrakt pursued legal action against Ahn for allegedly buying the copyright to FIFTY FIFTY's hit track, "Cupid," through an unnamed foreign composer secretly.

The Givers, however, debunked the allegations and said that acquiring the copyright was done through a legal process, though it was supposedly intended for a third-party artist that wasn't involved with Attrakt.

"The Givers is clearly registered as the copyright holder for the completed song 'Cupid.' We acquired the rights to the original 'Cupid' song from overseas composers and their publishers, who entrusted us with full rights for registration and utilization. Therefore, we have already obtained all the necessary rights from them to proceed with the registration process," the statement read.

Due to the ongoing legal dispute, The Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) decided to withhold the royalty payments for "Cupid" until the parties have settled the copyright ownership.

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