Under the Dome season 2 spoilers
What can fans expect to happen when "Under the Dome" returns with Season 2? Brownie Harris/CBS

“Under the Dome” is only a few days away from its Season 2 premiere which will air on June 30 at 10 p.m. EDT. What better way to celebrate the return of the hit CBS series than by preparing yourself for yet another nail-biting season based on the novel by Stephen King?

1. New season, new producer: It’s true. Brian K. Vaughan, the show’s writer/producer, has officially flown the coop. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Vaughan was handpicked by executive producer Steven Spielberg to adapt King’s best seller into a hit series. And that’s exactly what he did -- but all his hard work definitely took a toll on Vaughan’s personal life.

“It was one of the best experiences of my creative life,” Vaughn said in a statement. “But it was also a really long time to be apart from my family, who I’ve seen way too little of since I started helping to develop ‘Dome’ years ago, so I decided to step away from the show.” Vaughn explained that he’ll miss the cast and crew “but it’s awesome to get to see my kids again and catch up on my comic-book deadlines.”

2. Chester’s Mill faces a new type of terror: The town’s folk will have more issues to face come Season 2 besides lack of Internet service and dwindling supply of food. According to the show’s synopsis, the “Dome will present a new threat when it becomes magnetized.”

Now, at first we didn’t think magnetization sounded too scary. Then we saw this gif:

3. Darker times for the Dome: If you thought the sliced up cow in Season 1 was jaw-dropping just wait until you see what “Under the Dome” has in store for viewers when the sophomore season airs.

Reports have teased the deaths of two main characters in the Season 2 premiere. "One of our characters [meets] a very untimely death," the show’s executive producer, Neal Baer, confessed. "So will another character; they meet their untimely death as well. That doesn't mean you won't necessarily see them again because anything is possible under the dome."

We have a feeling the demise will come from the Dome’s magnetization. Couldn’t you picture a character getting crushed by a car during this unexpected force?

4. Will Barbie make it past episode 1?: Don’t fret, Barbie fans! Mike Vogel’s character will play an important role in Season 2 – especially when his storyline with Julia unfolds. TV Guide suggests that the two will come face to face with a “very, very trying situation in episode 3 that really puts their relationship to the test.”

Under the Dome Season 2 spoilers
Big Jim will get a taste of his own medicine in Season 2. Brownie Harris/CBS

5. What will happen to Big Jim in Season 2?: If you were waiting to see Dean Norris’ character get what’s coming to him, you are going to love the sophomore season! Reports insist that Big Jim will have a chance to reflect on the mayhem he’s caused when the town’s dictator is approached by a few “tricky” apparitions a la “A Christmas Carol.”

"There are moments where Big Jim maybe sees ghosts," Norris said. "While it's a terrifying situation, it's also funny to see Big Jim have to squirm with these kind of ghosts of Christmas past and the future and have to deal with them."

But we promise, Big Jim won’t be the only one squirming. Season 2 will have you writhing in your seat as you watch the premiere of “Under the Dome” when it airs on CBS on June 30.

What are you itching to see in Season 2? What characters do you think have a death sentence in the Season 2 premiere? Chime in with your thoughts below.