“Under the Dome” returned to the small screen with more drama during the airing of episode 12.” Tonight’s installment, titled “Turn,” picked up just where we left off when the hit CBS series concluded last week – with the walls of the dome closing in on the tortured town of Chester’s Mill. But the shrinking enclosure was the least of the town’s worries during episode 12. Check out the 5 most shocking moments of “Turn” below:

1. Barbie Confronts His Father: After Joe and Norrie force Hunter to reveal his true intentions of why he followed them into the dome (to get information on the egg for Barbie’s father Don) Barbie used Hunter as a way to lure his dad to the dome’s edges. When Don finally arrives Barbie explains to his dad that they need the egg back in the dome – now.

“Son, you know I’d do anything to help but I can’t make that happen,” he responded.

“Then your son and daughter die in here,” Barbie said to his dad, who thinks Melanie is already dead. Because Don is in disbelief that Melanie is alive Barbie showed him proof by asking Joe to show a vlog of Melanie back from the grave. That’s when Don decided to get the egg back into the dome. Barbie revealed to his father where the portal was, aware that this could potentially be dangerous. But hey, he’s stuck between a rock and a hard wall closing in on him.

2. Pauline Gets Her Visions Back: When Big Jim threw the egg into the Dome’s cave his wife lost all her visions that help predict what Chester’s Mill would face next. Now the dome has the element of surprise, which could ultimately be fatal for the town’s folk. But during an intimate scene between Pauline and Big Jim the show’s most villainous character found a way to help his wife recover her premonitions. Pauline ended up painting two images. One showed Melanie healthy thanks to the eight hands and another one still remains unknown besides the fact it was dripping red paint that simulated blood.

3. Melanie Goes Missing: After enduring a blood-soaked cough, her hair falling out and a blood transfusion, Melanie was dragged to the middle of the woods per Pauline’s vision. The eight then placed their hands on Melanie (Melanie acting as the seventh and eight hands since Angie is dead). When they did Melanie immediately began to feel better. But when she stood up a dust storm circled around her and the ground sunk beneath her feet. Next thing viewers saw is Melanie being engulfed by the ground. Despite Junior’s attempt at saving her she was swallowed whole, leaving a gapping hole. Could this be another way out of the dome or a death trap that could potentially leave the residents impaled like poor Phil.

4. Pauline Meets Her Death: Pauline felt guilty that her vision potentially killed Melanie so she wandered off into the woods. Big Jim ran after her with the hopes of consoling her. When he pulls back from kissing her viewers notice his lips have turned red. That’s because Pauline is bleeding from her mouth after Lyle stabbed her.

5. Big Jim Kills Lyle: Enraged that Lyle has killed his wife Big Jim beats Lyle to a pulp before stabbing him with the same knife used to kill Pauline. But before Lyle dies he thanked Big Jim for allowing him and Pauline to enter heaven together like he always wanted.

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