under the dome series finale
Joe (Colin Ford) and Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) found themselves in a deadly confrontation during the series finale of "Under the Dome." CBS

And that’s a wrap! “Under the Dome” aired its series finale on Thursday, and just like fans of the CBS drama were promised, the mysterious and supernatural force that had trapped the beloved residents of Chester’s Mill for three seasons had finally come down.

But Barbie (Mike Vogel), Julia (Rachelle Lefevre), Big Jim (Dean Norris) and the other townies’ freedom from the spherical entrapment came with a cost – and a deadly one at that.

Before the hour was through, viewers were forced to say goodbye to a few key players like the uncle/nephew duo Sam (Eddie Cahill) and Junior (Alexander Koch). After being severely brainwashed by the Kinship, the two ultimately met their – much-expected – demise in the series finale of “Under the Dome.” (Junior killed Sam by stabbing him through the stomach with a rebar and Junior ended meeting his fate after an altercation with his father.)

But for those who did manage to survive the fatal confrontation with Dawn (Kylie Bunbury) and the evil Kinship – a new problem faced the residents when the dome came down: the government.

After the dome disappeared, thanks to Joe’s (Colin Ford) nearly self-sacrificing move to save Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz), the military raced toward the newly freed prisoners to discuss what their story would be now that they’re able to communicate with the outside world. As believable as egg-loving, cocoon-creating aliens were, the government didn't exactly want to start a frenzy by divulging that chilling story to the public. So, they ask the survivors to prepare a fake story, one that involved a science experiment going terribly wrong.

Most of the residents agreed to this plan. After all, they probably wanted to wash their hands of the dome and the Kinship anyway. But of course, Big Jim put up a bit of a fight and revealed that the only way he’d agree to go along with their faux story is if he got something out of it. Next thing audiences know, Big Jim is a Congressman. (Good luck with that, America…)

But Big Jim being in congress is the least of their worries when it’s uncovered that Dawn, the leader of the Kinship, is still alive and looking to rule once again. Barbie and Julie take a break from celebrating their engagement (yes, Jarbie shippers, they’re engaged!) to reunite with Big Jim, Norrie (who is now working in the military) and the gang to track down Barbie’s evil daughter.

The series finale ends with Dawn, who has taken on the role of a teacher, manipulating children to help her find a new egg – which they do. The last thing viewers know, the uncovered egg, sporting a purple streak, is lying on the ground, ready to wreck more havoc.

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