United Airline
United Airlines popped a tire on take-off at New Jersey airport on Sunday. In this photo, a United Airlines airplane passes the skyline of lower Manhattan and One World Trade Center as it heads to a runway at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey, Jan. 20, 2018. Getty

On Sunday night, a United Airlines Flight landed at the Portland International Airport (PDX) in Oregon after popping one of its tires on take-off from New Jersey, said Port of Portland officials.

United Airlines Flight 1551 from Newark landed at PDX around 10.30 pm, officials said.

According to KATU 2, an ABC affiliated station, on take-off, the airplane blew at least one of its tires. Reports said emergency services were standing by the runway at PDX to assist with the landing.

Officials didn’t release a statement regarding the number of passengers on board the plane, however, there were no injuries reported. The airlines has not yet issued a statement concerning the incident.

Earlier in November, in another incident that involved ruptured tires and bumpy landing, United Airlines flight 961 from Frankfurt, Germany, had a rough landing at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport. According to reports, upon touch down, the airplane had several tires blow. The airline later confirmed it experienced “tire issues” while landing.

Though the passengers were shaken by the incident, no injuries were reported. One of the passenger described the landing as hitting few potholes.

“It was like crazy. I almost went flying out of my seat,” Briana Oakland of Long Island told News 12.

A spokesperson for the airline said in a statement, “The aircraft landed safely and customers were deplaned and bussed to the terminal.”

A month after the incident, in December, United Airlines had to abort take-off from Newark Liberty International Airport on Christmas Eve, due to a blown tire in its left landing gear. The blown tire led to a damaged engine, reports said.

Forty four passengers and three crew members were evacuated with no injuries.

Although the mishaps with United Airlines were handled well with zero injuries, the frequency of the incidents should give one pause. In a span of few months, a handful reports involving United Airlines has raised concerns regarding safety.

Earlier this month, a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawaii, experienced issues with an errant covering of an engine. The covering of the engine flew off mid-flight scaring passengers and raising a distress alert.

In a statement to Business Insider, United Airlines said: "United flight 1175 traveling to Honolulu from San Francisco landed safely after the pilots called for an emergency landing because of a loss of the engine cowling (the covering of the engine). Our pilots followed all necessary protocols to safely land the aircraft. The aircraft taxied to the gate and passengers deplaned normally."

The plane made a safe emergency landing after the incident. According to officials, the passengers were deplaned safely without any incident and the plane was towed to the gate.

"There was a loud bang…and then the plane really started shaking," passenger Allison Sudiacal told KGMB-TV, a CBS-affiliated television station. "There was a loud boom and then it was like rattling and the plane was kind of shaking like boom, boom, boom."

According to Fox 12 Oregon, an unidentified passenger in the plane said he heard the loud bang as the plane took off from the Newark Liberty International Airport.