chapel hill rally
Students of University of North Carolina on Wednesday protested against a white nationalist rally, which turned out to be a hoax. In this photo, demonstrators rally for the removal of a Confederate statue, coined Silent Sam, on the campus of the University of Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Aug. 22, 2017. Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

The students of the University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill, came out to protest against a rumored white nationalist rally Wednesday, which later turned out to be a hoax.

Kevin Guskiewicz, the dean of the UNC’s College of Arts & Sciences sent a message Tuesday to other deans and department chairpersons, which said “individuals not affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill” would be conducting a “Rally for Nationalism.”

Guskiewicz also wrote he was not able to confirm if the rally would take place, but added the campus security officials were taking the necessary steps to ensure safety, the News & Observer reported.

However, an article published by Big League Politics, a right-wing website created by former Breitbart News employees, said the white nationalist rally was a hoax.

According to the article, the administration of UNC was “tricked” into believing a white nationalist rally was being conducted by a group named “Kool Kekistani Kids” (KKK). The article went on to say KKK was a fictional group created by a man named Kevin Cormier, who had a Latina wife and was the father of two multiracial children.

Cormier confirmed to Big League Politics that the group KKK was fictional and added UNC fell for the trick. One of the faculty members who believed the rally was taking place was anthropology professor Dwayne Dixon.

The News & Observer reported Dixon got an email Friday, believed to be from Cormier, which had information about the rally. The email partly said, “We realize that these beta male anti-intellectual Marxists enter the education system because they know that naive young kids are the only people stupid enough to buy in to the tenets of Marxism.”

Dixon also said another colleague also received a similar email.

It said, “To protest the continuing employment of several radical left wing subversives by your department, my group (Kool Kekistani Kids) & Identity Evropa will be holding a rally this coming Wed. 21. outside your offices. ... The only way we will stop is if the department investigates Dwayne Dixon and all his known associates.”

Another report by the News & Observer said the email had the subject “Rally For Nationalism.”

Dixon faced a charge of misdemeanor in summer last year for carrying a semi-automatic rifle to a KKK counter-protest in Durham, the News & Observer reported. The KKK obviously did not show up that day and the Dixon’s charge was dismissed by a judge earlier this month.

However, the counter-protests by the UNC students against the supposed white nationalist rally took place Wednesday, where the participants gathered outside the main administrative building and then marched towards “Silent Sam,” a controversial monument on the university’s campus.

The protesters brought with them signs that said “Destroy white supremacy,” while others put on hats that said “Do It Like Durham,” referring to a protest that happened in Durham last year where the protesters took down a confederate statue, the report said.

Liam Kelly, a 21-year-old student, who is also a member of the Young Democratic Socialists of America said, “This is our campus and we’re not going to let fascists have any of it .”

A graduate history student, Tony Rossodivito, reportedly encouraged the protesters to throw racist pamphlets in the dustbin.

“Fascism is violence, plain and simple,” said Rossodivito.

The supposed white nationalist rally and the counter-protest by the students took place after an incident Feb. 7, where Dixon was cornered by some people, claiming to be reporters, inside an academic building.

Dixon, referring to the incident, said he was “pushed and restrained” by two men, who came after him in the hallway of an academic building. He said the attack was an ambush in order to extract a reaction from him, which could be recorded on tape.

A spokeswoman of UNC stated she couldn’t make a statement on the security plans or the cost of the counter-protest.