Footage of an unprovoked dog attack in Bryan County has been revealed. In the video caught by a Ring Doorbell camera, a man was walking his dog in his yard.

To the right, a grey dog appeared in the frame in the yard. It paused briefly before it charged to the man's dog and began attacking.

The owner Bin Li claimed it was an experience no family wanted to experience when it came to a pet.

He remembered the sequence of events leading up to the attack on his dog, Max, in Richmond Hill.

He was playing with his dog and his children in the front yard. Suddenly, a stranger’s dog came from nowhere and popped up on the property before it attacked the dog.

He was trying to separate them, and his hand got bit during the scuffle. Li luckily got assistance from a postman to secure the pit bull.

Li and his wife, Jane, claim Max’s belly was ripped open. They had to endure two hours of surgery apparently and 75 stitches.

Li said he is still having a hard time sleeping or even sitting down. Chen said when she saw Max, her heart broke. Their 10-month-old pup was still traumatized from the incident, and it will be some time before the dog can recover.

Chen credited the assistance of the mailman as the reason their pup is still alive. She said if he were not there, then maybe the dog would have died.

A report by the Richmond Hill Police station identified the owner of the Pitbull as Arazane Hilton.

She has since been issued an "animal at large" charge because the dog was not on a leash during the attack even though it was dangerous.

Hilton commented on the case, saying her dog had never acted in that way before. She described him as the sweetest dog like a giant teddy bear and was shocked that the incident even happened.

She stated her dog has remained on a 10-day quarantine in animal control’s custody.

Hilton has reached out to the Li’s asking to apologize for the whole thing. She is sorry their dog was hurt, but they have also been affected.

She has since claimed no knowledge of how the dog got out of their backyard. At the time, she was inside the house with her two children.

Hilton is currently waiting on a court appearance where a judge is going to evaluate the pitbull to determine if it is dangerous.

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Representational image of a dog. Pixabay