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Arielle Kebbel, pictured at the 2015 ATX Television Festival, teases the return of her character Britney on Lifetime's "UnREAL." ATX TV Festival/Jack Plunkett

Everyone’s favorite "UnREAL" bad girl is back! Well, at least that’s what Arielle Kebbel, star of the hit Lifetime series, teased when International Business Times caught up with the actress at the 2015 ATX Television Festival.

“I’m not allowed to talk about that,” Kebbel told IBTimes after we inquired whether or not her character Britney would reappear on the drama that follows the behind-the-scenes chaos of a fictionalized reality television series called “Everlasting.” Britney was the first contestant to be voted off the show, which was a huge blow to the series considering Britney was the villain of the dating drama -- aka a ratings gold mine.

“Britney, Britney. A perfect b---- and we somehow lost her,” Quinn (Constance Zimmer), the show’s drama-addicted executive producer, said with disappointment before scrambling to find a new “villain” to boost the show’s numbers.

But just because Britney was eliminated from the series -- that doesn’t mean she’s gone for good, right?

“She’s quite a tornado. But she’s uh -- you just have to watch the show and find out!” the tight-lipped star tried her best not the spoil the series. Despite staying quiet on the future of her character, it seems safe to advise audiences to batten down the hatches because it looks like hurricane Britney will once again wreak havoc on the set of “Everlasting.” According to IMDb, Kebbel is credited to appear in episode 10, the season finale, of “UnREAL.”

In addition to discussing the potential return of Britney, the actress also explained to IBTimes just how difficult it was for her to portray such a wicked role. "She was a tough one for me," Kebbel admitted. "I had a lot to do with that character, and I love the fact that [creators] Sara [Gertrude Shapiro] and Marti [Noxon] really gave me freedom to run the gamut of emotions with her. And I’m really thankful they gave me that because out of it came Britney."

“UnREAL” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.