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"UnREAL" season 2 ended on a more or less happy note, despite two tragic deaths.

Quinn (Constance Zimmer) and Rachel (Shiri Appleby) finally put aside their ongoing rivalry to stop Coleman (Michael Rady) and Yael (Monica Barbaro) from exposing the dirty secrets of the dating show and destroying their reputation. But despite Quinn and Rachel's joint efforts, Coleman nearly succeeded...that is, until Jeremy (Josh Kelly) decided to step up and finish the job once and for all by running their car off the road.

On the romance front, Ruby (Denee Benton) shocked everyone when she showed up on the finale night of "Everlasting" and stole both the show and Darius' (B.J. Britt) heart. The show didn't end with a wedding or even an engagement, but the couple agreed to start dating and explore their relationship away from the eyes of the public this time. It may not have been perfect, but Darius and Ruby's ending was enough to bring actual tears to even Quinn's eyes.

Unlike her show, however, there's no fairytale ending to be had for Quinn, who broke up with John Booth (Ioan Gruffudd) after finding out that she can't get pregnant. And witnessing Darius and Ruby's sweet moment at the end of "Everlasting" only dredged up her old insecurities and fear that it may be too late for her to find true love.

Zimmer recently opened up about what Quinn felt during that moment in an interview with IndieWire.

"They spent so much of their time and their lives dedicated to creating moments that seem like they’re real, where people seem like they’re falling in love or or it seems like something is truly happening in front of their eyes," she told the publication. "They all know they’re manipulating it, creating it and editing around it. But that moment was happening on live television. They can’t manipulate it. They haven’t even touched it. It definitely was a moment of realization — like a smack in the face, is the way I saw it. Quinn is hiding so much, and [she saw] that true love can happen."

Quinn's reaction to Darius and Ruby may seem like a sign that her hope for a happy ending of her own has been renewed, if not with John, then possibly someone else. But Zimmer doesn't believe Quinn's issues would be resolved just like that and knows it'll take some time before her character moves on from what happened between her and John.

"But I think, again, she’s going to go to herself and say, 'But not for me. Who does that happen for? Because I have yet to experience that.' Who does it happen to? The people that are open to it, and I just think Quinn isn’t open to it. I think she was with Booth," the actress continued. "I think she thought that was it; that it was everything she deserved and everything she put on the show: the handsome prince who has all the money and sweeps you off your feet. So, once again, it smacks her in the face, and she’s like, 'See? It’s not real. None of it’s real. Of course that wasn’t going to happen.'"

She also talked about Quinn's breakdown after she found out that she can't get pregnant anymore. In "UnREAL" Season 2, Episode 9, Quinn not only pushed John away, but she also had a complete meltdown that involved screaming, crying and smashing of things. For Zimmer, it wasn't Quinn's inability to get pregnant that really broke her down, but the fact that her choice to have kids was taken away from her.

"There’s a lot of women that probably shouldn’t or just don’t want to, and there’s so much pressure on women to get married, to have kids and all this stuff. I think all of us in life, no matter what it is — your career, your relationships, to have kids or not have kids — all we ever want in life is to be able to choose. So when your choice is taken away from you, that’s the worst thing that anybody can ever do to you, as a male or a female," she told IndieWire.

Zimmer confessed that it was a "hard" scene for her to act out, especially since she's had loved ones who were in Quinn's shoes.

"They never wanted kids, but then they decided to just see if they could [have kids]. Then they’re told they can’t, and they’re like, 'Wait a minute. I didn’t say I didn’t want them. I just said I was unsure.' You know? So I’m really happy that moment is resonating with people — male and female — because I do think it goes beyond just having kids or not having kids," she continued.

But while Quinn may not have gotten her fairytale ending with John, not all of her relationships ended as tragically after "UnREAL" Season 2. Much like Season 1, the second season ended with Quinn, Rachel, Jeremy and Chet (Craig Bierko) being brought together by someone's murder. Last time it was Mary, this time it's Coleman and Yael, whom Zimmer assured are "pretty dead" and won't be coming back to life next season.

When asked if "UnREAL" Season 3 will have the four of them teaming up, she told TV Line, "Yeah. That’s what it feels like to me, like we’re all in this together, and it’s not us against them, which I like, because we’ve seen when it’s men against women and boyfriends against girlfriends and all that kind of stuff. So with them all working together going into Season 3, that creates a whole new energy that we have not done yet."

Find out if Quinn gets her happy ending when "UnREAL" Season 3 premieres in 2017 on Lifetime.

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