• One of Stephanie Baker's newborn twins died a day after birth 
  • Baker died on Jan. 30 of COVID-19 complications
  • Her family believes every pregnant woman should get jabbed

A 31-year-old North Carolina mother and one of her newborn twin babies died of COVID-19, shortly after she gave birth to them. The woman's family said she was unvaccinated.

Stephanie Baker from Shallotte, who has a four-year-old boy, was pregnant with twins when she was diagnosed with COVID-19, WRAL reported. She gave birth on Jan. 27 after doctors grew concerned about her plummeting oxygen levels.

Her twins, Sage and Sylas, too suffered from COVID-19 complications. But, the family hoped they would all get better as the doctors could now care for them separately.

"We just held on to every little hope because you never give up hope, that’s something that it’s just in you, you just never give up hope," Stephanie’s mom, Debbie Baker, told WECT.

However, baby Sylas passed away the next day. "They had to resuscitate him. They did everything they could, and she got to hold him for a short time before she passed away, but there was just a little brain activity because he had been without oxygen for so long," Debbie added.

However, more tragedy awaited the family as Stephanie's condition began to worsen. On Jan. 30, two days after baby Sylas' death, Stephanie passed away.

"When she called me, we were at home and she said they wanted to intubate her and she was afraid she would never wake up. I told her ‘no, it’s OK, you’re OK baby girl, you’re gonna be OK,’ because I just knew, I thought she was going to be OK and that was the hardest part," Debbie said.

Debbie said Stephanie was scared of getting the vaccine as she feared it might harm her or affect the babies. "She was afraid the vaccine might harm her or affect the babies, so I will never fault her for it because she cared about herself and the babies and wanted to take care of herself."

Now, her family wants to spread awareness about how important it is for pregnant women to get vaccinated. "I've read the news, and I hear it on TV about how serious COVID-19 is with pregnant women, and it could be fatal," Debbie said.

She added that she always thought Stephanie was going to be alright. "And then your worst fear comes true, and I thought, it's real, everything you read, it's not something to take lightly."

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