U.S Airlines on Monday announced they would relinquish the cancellation and change fees for travelers who opt out of visiting South Korea amid COVID-19 outbreak in the country. South Korea has reported close to 900 confirmed cases as of Tuesday.

Delta, United and American airlines said they won’t charge a fee in case travelers wanted to cancel the tickets they booked through late April.

Delta Air Lines said travelers, who booked tickets to Seoul till April 30, would not require to pay any amount if they cancel them and rebook within May 31. American Airlines said passengers who booked tickets for Seoul within April 24 could change the date of their journey or cancel the trip altogether without paying any charges. The airline also said the passengers could change the origin and destination of their trips to Tokyo and take a separate flight to or from South Korea,  CNBC News reported. 

United Airlines said travelers, who booked their tickets in between Feb. 24 and April 30 could change the date of their journey without paying any fee. 

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday issued a level 3 warning advising travelers to cancel all non-essential travel plans to South Korea. According to the agency, the affected areas in the country have limited access to required medical care. 

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has declared a “red alert” in the country looking at the rapid spread of the virus. Seven South Koreans have reportedly died in the wake of the outbreak.