In an effort to rebound from the plethora of pandemic-related travel limitations, American Airlines on Tuesday announced that it is looking to hire 18,000 workers in 2022.

The announcement comes as American, Delta, and Southwest endured a high volume of cancellations over a busy fall season filled with labor shortages.

To combat staffing shortages, American Airlines will increase pay for flight attendants by three times if they work during the holidays.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker, among other airline executives, plans to tell the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation about the many disturbances flights have endured over the course of the pandemic.

“We believe this positive momentum will continue into next year, as we’ve set a target of hiring an additional 18,000 team members in 2022,” Parker said, according to CNBC. “We’re growing to provide more promising careers in good-paying jobs to hard-working individuals who are the lifeblood of our nation’s economy.”

Other airlines are also seeking to add new employees. Southwest Airlines brought on around 5,000 new workers this year and hopes to hire over 8,000 in 2022.