A U.S. Air Force (USAF) airman training off the Florida coast was reported missing after he fell off a plane into the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday.

Coast Guard Mobile Sector spokesman Juston Lee told CNN that the plane crew said the USAF airman fell off the C-130 four-engine aircraft and was treading through but “when they turned back around to find him, they couldn’t see him.”

The USAF airman reportedly deployed his parachute after jumping off the plane and fell about 1,500 feet into the Gulf of Mexico, about four miles south of Hurlburt Field, Florida.

Gulf of Mexico
A dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico increased in size this year, according to NOAA. In this photo, dated March 6, 2014, the rising waters of the Gulf of Mexico crash at the shoreline of the Treasure Island community of West Galveston Island, Texas. Reuters/Rick Wilking

The Northwest Florida Daily News reported that the Coast Guard was involved in the search for the airman.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Kamil Zdankowski said that the team was adjusting its search area on the basis of currents in the region.

According to Air Force Times, the unidentified USAF airman was from the 24th Special Operations Wing and was participating in a jump-training exercise.

The 24th SOW said that they will follow up with more details regarding the search once information is available.