“Suits” might be heading into its ninth and final season tonight, but the show’s finding new life with its spinoff series, “Pearson,” which premieres on USA Network right after the new episode of “Suits” airs.

Fans of the original series will get to see what the tough-and-smart-as-nails Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) is up to now, after leaving her New York law firm behind, while new viewers will get to meet the former lawyer for the first time.

“[The series] centers around the world of recently disbarred NYC powerhouse lawyer Jessica Pearson as she adjusts to down and dirty Chicago politics,” the synopsis reveals. “Newly appointed as Chicago Mayor Bobby Novak’s (Morgan Spector) right-hand fixer, Jessica is quickly embroiled in a crooked and dangerous new world where every action has far-reaching consequences.”

Prepare yourself for the new political drama by getting to know the “Pearson” cast before the USA show’s Season 1 premiere tonight.

Gina Torres (Jessica Pearson)

Aside from first starring as Jessica Pearson on “Suits” for years, Torres also worked on shows like “Standoff,” “Huge,” “Hannibal,” “The Catch” and “Westworld.”

Morgan Spector (Bobby Novak)

Viewers might recognize Spector from his time on projects like “Person of Interest,” “Allegiance,” “The Mist” and “Homeland.”

Bethany Joy Lenz (Keri Allen)

After getting her start on the soap opera “Guiding Light,” Lenz went on to make a name for herself with The WB/CW’s long-running drama, “One Tree Hill,” as Haley James Scott. Once the show ended in 2012, the actress went on to have roles on shows like “Dexter” and “Colony” and TV movies like “Snowed-Inn Christmas” and “Royal Matchmaker.”

pearson cast
“Pearson” starts on Wednesday on USA. Richie Knapp/USA Network

Simon Kassianides (Nick D’Amato)

Among others, he’s guest-starred on “Hustle,” “Holby City,” “Burn Notice” and “Covert Affairs” and recurred on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Eli Goree (Derrick Mayes)

He recurred on The CW’s short-lived medical drama, “Emily Owens, M.D.” and starred in the Jesse Owens biopic “Race” as Dave Albritton. He was also on Freeform’s “Dead of Summer” series, played Wells Jaha on “The 100” and held the role of Quincy Carter on HBO’s “Ballers.” Most recently, he’s been playing the role of Mad Dog on The CW’s Archie Comics series, “Riverdale.”

Isabel Arraiza (Yoli Castillo)

Before this new series, she played Lourdes on Crackle’s crime-drama show, “The Oath.”

Chantel Riley (Angela Cook)

Like Goree, she was also in 2016’s “Race,” in which she played the role of Quincella. Riley’s also been on “Wynonna Earp” as Kate and on “Frankie Drake Mysteries” as Trudy Clarke.

“Pearson” premieres on USA Network on Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT.