Valentine's Day is here and to celebrate the love that is in the air, Google has made an animated Doodle. The minute and eleven second video that plays on the Google homepage, depicts a story about a boy trying to woo his crush. The lover boy turns to Google for ideas on how to win the girl's heart, but it turns out Google doesn't have the answer the answer for everything. While free of dialogue, the video does feature Tony Bennett's song, Cold, Cold Heart.

The end of the animated video showcases love between all different couples, including a cat and dog, an astronaut and octopus, a chocolate chip cookie and milk, a princess and a frog, a bi-racial couple, and a gay couple.

The Washington Post reported that early viewers of the new Doodle were worried that the gay couple at the end of the video would stir up controversy. While Twitter seems to be a buzz with comments about the video, users seem to be feeling only love today.

@Lucysfootball tweeted, The Google Doodle today even warmed my cold, cold, heart. Aw.

@Ashlinixon tweeted, My favorite Google doodle ever.

Many have echoed their love for the video by saying the video is so cute and the best Google Doodle yet.

The Valentine's Day Google Doodle was animated by Michael Lippy Lipman. As for the controversy that so far hasn't surfaced, Lippy said to Comic Riffs, I think Google was pretty aware of everybody in those final squares and they decided [them] with purpose.

Lippy told Comic Riffs that, The animation alludes to that universality of love. The animator said that he can relate to the Doodle. That was every girl I met up until college.

Any romantics should be sure to check out the Google Doodle.