Find out the best way to propose to your significant other before Valentine's Day. Pictured above: A man proposes to his girlfriend at the Mongkok shopping district in Hong Kong on Oct. 5, 2014. Reuters

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air for couples. While the day is notorious for being the time when people in love express themselves through fancy dinners, kind gestures and affectionate gifts, each year a handful of people take the opportunity to turn their romantic celebration up to eleven by popping the question.

If you’re among those that purchased a ring and are just waiting for the big day to ask for your significant other’s hand, you may be at a loss for the perfect way to make the big moment happen. Luckily, there have been countless men and women that have found the perfect ways to propose marriage, and now you can learn from them. To help the indecisive engaged person-to-be, below is a rundown of some of the best ways you can propose this Valentine’s Day.

Use Your Talents

Your significant other likely fell in love with you because he or she sees the best in you. That’s why you should make your proposal all about showing what you’re best at. If you have a hidden talent, maybe there’s a way to adapt it for the purposes of a proposal. In the past, filmmakers have created romantic videos to pop the question and animators have created flipbooks that contain the surprise. Some have even gone as far as to use magic to make the big moment a real showstopper. Simply figure out what you’re good at that your partner loves you for and find a way to add a ring to it.

Keep It Inside

Now is the time to prove that you’ve been paying attention. No couple gets to the point of a marriage proposal without also having a few fond memories of the times that have spent together. Whether it’s an excellent date spot you’ve been to, a first kiss recreation or simply a place you both remember bonding, you can give your big moment an extra shot of sentimentality. The spot doesn’t have to be extra-romantic or cheesy, it can be something as simple as a Starbucks. In fact, it can even be someplace terrible, as long as it holds meaning to you both. If your significant other has a good sense of humor, this could be the perfect way to show him or her that, not only are you in it for the long haul, but you’ve been that way the whole time.

Location, Location, Location

Why do so many people propose on places like the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building? Because it’s beautiful and it works. The beauty of this idea is that, especially on Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason that it wouldn’t be interesting to pay a visit to a picturesque location. He or she will just think you’re adding a cherry on top of a lovely date and then be absolutely shocked when your little tourist outing turns out to be a moment you’ll remember forever. Even if the proposal goes wrong, who doesn’t love a good view?

A Little Spectacle

This isn’t for everyone, but if you think your significant other would be impressed by a grand gesture of love before you get down on one knee, then going big might just be the way to go. There’s a laundry list of ways that other people have found success with a public display of affection. Popular ideas include organizing a flash mob, hiring a skywriter or sneaking into a movie theater with your own proposal video. Whatever you decide to do, there are a few things that all large-scale proposal ideas need. The first is a crowd of usually friends and family, there to share in the big moment and, hopefully, the celebration afterwards. The second is a camera, because all of this stuff can get pretty expensive and you’ll both want to relive it again and again for years to come. As a disclaimer, it’s worth noting that many may believe that proposing on the big screen at a sports event falls under this category. It doesn’t. Do better and challenge yourself because he or she deserves it.

Geek Out

The first topics of conversation during the early stages of a relationship are usually movies, TV, music and other things that you’re both a fan of. No matter what you want to believe, your intense discussion about whether or not Stannis Baratheon is still alive on “Game of Thrones” helped you bond and become the partners you are today. Why refuse to acknowledge that just because it’s a little dorky? In the past, "Harry Potter" fans have found several creative ways to pop the question, according to Daily Mail. In addition, many fans have found the perfect place to profess their undying love for each other at Comic Con. Sure there’s thousands of people that will judge you for getting down on one knee dressed head-to-toe as a Klingon, but as long as the person you’re kneeling in front of doesn’t, then as Captain Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) would say — “engage!”

Stage A Prank

This one is near the bottom of the list because, well, it’s probably not going to work. Many couples find romance by engaging in high-stakes pranks, such as the man who dumped a bucket of slime on his girlfriend’s head before giving her a ring. However, it’s not for everyone and could flare tempers high enough for even the most loving significant other to slap you with a big fat “no.” Such a thing almost happened to the man who made his future fianceé think she was going to die, but it worked out in the end. Just be careful and be sure. The video might go viral but the point of the whole thing is to show someone you want to be with them forever, not necessarily by annoying the heck out of them.

Just Ask Dummy

Look, odds are good that if you’re at this point in your love story, he or she is probably feeling the same way about you and will say "yes." That means that it’s not about how you ask the question, but that you ask the question. After all, you’re not asking if he or she approves of the way you ask, you’re asking if he or she will spend the rest of their life with you. So, at the end of the day, there’s no need to go super-romantic, plan a big gesture or wait for the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. If the time feels right, just ask. Good luck.