Valentine’s Day might usually be a romantic day of the year, but it’s also a perfect time to let kids know how important they are as well, and reflect on the bond that a parent may share with their children. Although your kids may expect the typical cards and candy, you can also surprise them by sharing some loving and inspiring quotes and sayings that show them just how much you actually care.

Here are 20 messages and sayings from Hallmark, American Greetings and The Flower Shop Network for kids to help celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

1. “Although I hope you already know, my love for you just grows and grows!”

2. “Be my love bug!”

3. “Candy is sweet, and cupcakes are too, but no one is sweeter or loved more than you.”

4. “Even if I had a whole bunch of cute, cuddly puppies and kitties and llamas and pandas, I’d rather hang out with you!”

5. “Even in a fairy tale where every dream comes true, I could never hope to find a son/daughter as sweet as you.”

6. “Happy Valentine’s Day to one of our sweetest blessings.”

7. “Hope your day is filled with fun and your mouth is filled with chocolate!”

8. “It’s so sweet having a [daughter] like you. Hope your Valentine’s Day is extra sweet, too.”

9. “I love you more than a million scoops of [their favorite ice cream].”

10. “I hope your Valentine’s Day is as special to you as you are to me!”

11. “Life is filled with lots of things that make it all worthwhile, but none is better than your little smile.”

12. “May your life be filled with the kind of heartfelt beauty that you bring to mine.”

13. “Sweet treats on Valentine’s Day help us remember to be sweet to each other. And you’re one of the sweetest kids ever!”

14. “Sending great big hugs and kisses to the littlest, most lovable Valentine I know.”

15. “Since you’re such a fantastic son, I’ve got a special Valentine’s Day gift just for you! I promise not to kiss you in front of any of your friends!”

16. “The joy of my heart since the day you were born. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

17. “U R 2 Cute!”

18. “With all the things you do, the smiles you share, the laughter too, with all the dreams you make come true. It’s great to have a kid like you!”

19. “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

20. “You make our family more loving in your own awesome ways... and that makes me grateful to be your mom.”

St. Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day balloons are displayed inside a florist as Sydneysiders prepare for Valentine's Day in Australia, Feb. 12, 2014. Brendon Thorne/Getty Images