A vampire alert has been issued in Bajina Basta, Serbia, as officials fear a vampire is on the loose after an old mill housing reputed vampire Sava Savanovic collapsed.

The public health warning has spurred sales of garlic in Bajina Basta, the Daily Mail reported.

According to local legend, Savanovic, a resident of Zarozje, drank the blood of anyone who came to mill their grain in Bajina Basta. He was buried underneath the mill, which collapsed Tuesday, according to the British tabloid.

Aside from garlic, the Serbian town is cautioning residents to take other measures to protect themselves from the vampire.

“We have also reminded them to put a Holy Cross in every room in the house,” Bajina Basta Mayor Miodrag Vujetic said, according to The Frisky. “People are worried. Everybody knows the legend of this vampire, and the thought that he is now homeless and looking for somewhere else and possibly other victims is terrifying people. We are all frightened.”

Vujetic said he could understand outsiders laughing at the village’s precautions, but residents are taking the vampire alert seriously.

The Jagodic family bought the mill but were too spooked to use it. They later learned it was a tourist draw.

The mill collapsed Tuesday in disrepair because the family feared working on it would disturb the vampire, the Daily Mail reported.

The legend of Savanovic grew after a story about him, "Posle Devedeset Godina" ("After Ninety Years"), was published in 1880.

Savanovic is the most famous vampire in Serbia, a country where vampires are popular.

The Bajina Basta council urged villagers to put garlic on their doors – said to be an effective method to stave off vampires.

Bajina Basta, located on the border between Bosnia and Serbia, has a population of more than 9,000 people.