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Will Klaroline share a moment when Klaus visits Mystic Falls? CW

Klaus may have been a nasty villain … but “Vampire Diaries” fans still love him! The original hybrid left the CW series at the end of season 4 to star in his own show, “The Originals.” But with the 100th episode of “The Vampire Diaries” approaching, it’s speculated that the former big baddie will be making his way back to Mystic Falls for the festivities.

The announcement of Klaus visiting with another “Originals” character has put viewers in a tizzy of excitement. But the circumstances around his return have been kept quiet. While the crossover airdate is confirmed only for some time in 2014, fans can’t stop speculating about what Klaus could be up to in town … which is why we’ve made our own list of theories based on his return for the 100th episode.


Katherine has a pretty crazy history with the Mikaelsons. She met Klaus and Elijah when she was a human in England, and both the Original brothers became smitten with her. While Elijah’s feelings for her were true, Klaus on the other hand desired to use her as a sacrifice to unleash his wolf side.

Forced to go on the run from Klaus, Katherine eventually tricked another vampire into turning her – giving her a chance to avoid death. She spent the rest of her life manipulating others for her own benefit in order to avoid being captured by her Original tormentor.

Somewhere down the line, Katherine began a romantic relationship with Elijah that was exposed in season 4. But despite her desire to be with him, Elijah decided that he would choose his brother and family over an eternal life with her.

When the Original family moved to New Orleans, Katherine found herself in a bit of trouble in Mystic Falls. Forced to take the vampirism cure by Elena, Katherine had it sucked dry from her by Silas … resulting in her quick aging and impending death. The season 5 midseason finale ended with her seemingly suffering from a heart attack.

“There are things happening on ‘Vampire Diaries’ which are pretty huge,” executive producer Michael Narducci dished to TVLine. “Word travels to New Orleans and Klaus – and perhaps even one other of our characters – will be curious about the events that are taking place in Mystic Falls.”

Thanks to a leaked synopsis for the 100th episode, we know that Katherine will be on her deathbed. Damon, Elena, Caroline, Jeremy and the others will be celebrating the news … which means that it’s possible that the “huge” happening in Mystic Falls could be Katherine dying. Klaus’ desire to see the doppelganger about to die could definitely drive him back to Mystic Falls – especially with her former lover, Elijah.


Caroline has called Klaus about problems in Mystic Falls in the past (i.e. the Mystic Falls graduation), which means that it’s possible that she’s the reason why “word traveled” to New Orleans about the “huge” Mystic Falls happenings. With Tyler and Jesse out of the picture, Caroline may be reconsidering Klaus as a love interest. To further fuel our theory, (it’s a bit of a long shot, but we have hope) executive producer Caroline Dries teased TV Line that the blonde vampire “needs some lovin!”

Klaroline shippers are ecstatic about the Klaus and Caroline reunion. And while we seriously doubt that Caroline is Klaus’ reason for returning, we don’t think that “Vampire Diaries” execs would deny fans some steamy moments.

Bonnie’s Anchor

Bonnie’s ghostly anchor for the other side has been kept on the backburner thanks to Dr. Wes and his vampire experiments. A definite huge story line with potential, it’s possible that Klaus could find out that she’s the key to the supernatural world. With many of his family on the other side, Klaus might be trying to get answers … or maybe even bring some of them back.

Traveler Magic

Nadia suggested using traveler magic to transfer ailing Katherine to another body. Her idea may ring bells in the witch community – especially with Davina. The young witch may feel something bad brewing and warn Klaus, Elijah or Marcel. The result could be Klaus and one of the others returning to town to make sure no witchy trouble is stirring,


While we’re not exactly sure why Klaus is visiting, we can definitely picture Tyler being a topic of conversation. Last time viewers saw Tyler on “The Vampire Diaries,” he had broke up with Caroline over his desire to exact revenge on Klaus. Crossing over to “The Originals,” Tyler ended up getting locked up in Marcel’s garden when his plans to kill Hayley’s unborn baby were revealed. Klaus is definitely not the forgiving type, but it’s possible he could be dragging Tyler to Mystic Falls with him.

Why do you think Klaus will be returning to Mystic Falls? Do you think we’ll see him in the 100th episode? Let us know your thoughts on the former “Vampire Diaries” villain in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.