"The Vampire Diaries” is returning in 2014 -- and with a bang! On Thursday, Jan. 23, fans of the hit CW series will not only welcome back the Mystic Falls vampires from their holiday hiatus, but they’ll also be treated to the highly anticipated 100th episode, “500 Years of Solitude.”

Thanks to Twitter we know that the showrunners have exciting tricks up their sleeves that they can’t wait to reveal. And while they might be keeping tight-lipped until the episode, a leaked synopsis for episode 100 does expose some juicy drama ahead.


“The Vampire Diaries” loves flashbacks, and this time we’ll be going back in time to 1490. Why was that a significant year, you may ask? Because that was when a then-human Katherine gave birth to her daughter, Nadia.

According to the synopsis for episode 11, Katherine will be facing a “new crisis,” which leads her to remember the “traumatic night in 1490 when she gave birth to the daughter who was immediately taken from her.” Viewers know the rest of the story thanks to Nadia’s history lesson in the first half of the season, but leaked photos reveal that the mother and daughter may have run into each other before Nadia’s trip to Mystic Falls.

Reminiscing About The Good Times

In the past, Katherine’s failing health may have made everyone ecstatic … but now it looks like Stefan might have developed a soft spot for her. It’ll be up to the youngest Salvatore to inform Elena, Caroline and Bonnie that Katherine’s health has taken a turn for the worse. It’s unclear how the girls will take the news, but it sounds like Damon, Matt and Jeremy will be having a field day with the news, discussing her “most notorious moments.” (What about the one time that she chopped Uncle John’s fingers off?! Or how about that time she fed Jeremy to Silas?! Ahhhh memories.)

“Scandalous Behavior”

Remember when Caroline caught (or more like heard) Stefan locking lips with Katherine? “Vampire Diaries” fans know that things got a lot more heated than that … but Elena doesn’t know! Currently on the outs with Damon after his midseason finale breakdown, Elena is finally going to hear that juicy bit of hookup gossip from Caroline. And Caroline? Well, she’s going to “indulge in a little scandalous behavior of her own.” Perhaps the “scandalous behavior” is locking lips with Stefan? (How will Elena take that?!)

Nadia’s Plan

Nadia had a plan in place to help her mother -- use traveler magic to transfer her into another body. Katherine initially rejected the idea, revealing to her daughter that her desire to stay alive was based on Stefan (and how much he likes the body she is in).

Katherine had a change of heart at the end of the midseason finale and decided to go through with Nadia’s idea. The only problem is that when she had a change of heart, her heart decided to give out. While she might not be dead yet, time is definitely running out and Nadia isn't going to give up on her so easily.

Nadia will come up with a “frightening plan” to protect Katherine and “forced” Stefan and Elena to help her with it. While the plan might be a mystery now, it sounds like it will lead the two doppelgangers to “share an unexpected moment of connection. Like maybe the Katherine/ Elena body switcheroo that we previously hypothesized about?

The season 5 midseason premiere of “The Vampire Diaries,” episode 11 will air on the CW on Thursday, Jan. 23 at 8 p.m. EST. What do you think will happen in “500 Years of Solitude”? Let us know your thoughts on the 100th episode in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.