Vampire Diaries 702 Recap
Damon (Ian Somerhalder) realized his mother Lily (Annie Wersching) is very good at retaliation in "The Vampire Diaries" Season 7, episode 2. CW

The Salvatore brothers have one tough mama. Lily (Annie Wersching) proved that she wasn’t about to put up with Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) murderous habits in “The Vampire Diaries” Season 7, episode 2. She decided to punish her sons by hurting the people they love most.

Lily’s Revenge: Lily goes to Stefan (Paul Wesley) and questions their deal. In the premiere, he said that the Heretics could have free reign over Mystic Falls after they told the humans to evacuate. However, she found Malcolm’s (Justice Leak) dead body, which clearly violated their agreement. Even though Stefan didn’t know he was dead, she has to retaliate. She reveals that Caroline (Candice King) is being held hostage.

Stefan confronts Damon about killing Malcolm. Damon doesn’t seem to care until he hears that Caroline was kidnapped. Stefan tells his brother to fix it, and Damon talks to Lily. However, she isn’t exactly reasonable, so Damon has to come up with another plan.

Caroline remains in the Salvatore House, which the boys cannot enter because a human has been put on the deed. Enzo (Michael Malarkey) ties her up with vervain rope, but when she complains, Enzo takes pity and loosens her restraints. She manages to escape from him, but she runs into Mary Louise (Teressa Liane) and Nora (Scarlett Byrne) upstairs. They easily knock her out.

Caroline wakes up in chains. Mary Louise asks her for fashion advice. Nora shows up in a dress from the Victorian era, but Caroline giggles. Nora starts to torture her. Once they leave, Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) helps Caroline. She enchants her skin to burn when the Heretics touch her. Nora is irritated by Valerie's spell, but she can still knock Caroline out with a syringe of vervain.

While Caroline is unconscious, Damon comes to the house to confront Enzo and learns that Lily is burying Malcolm in the family crypt next to Elena (Nina Dobrev). She tells her Heretics to dump Elena’s body in the river. The mausoleum is already open and Elena’s body is missing when Damon arrives. Lily tells him that he’ll never be able to find her.

“That’s the fun of cloaking spells,” Lily says. “She could be right next to you, or she could be a million miles away. But only I know where she is.” Damon asks her what she wants.

The Rescue Mission: Once Damon reveals that Caroline is being held hostage, Bonnie (Kat Graham) is determined to find her. Damon and Stefan can’t rescue Caroline because there is a barrier, as if a human owns the house. They do a little research and find out that Matt (Zach Roerig) owns the Salvatore house. That’s why the Heretics didn’t kill him when he tried to protect some students earlier in episode 2. They need him alive for protection. With Matt’s death being the only way to break the spell, Bonnie asks him if she can stop his heart with magic.

Matt isn’t thrilled with the plan, but they don’t have time to debate who the real enemy is. When Bonnie goes to wake him up, she sees flashes of people dying. She passes out before she can bring Matt back to life. Luckily, Bonnie wakes up with 20 seconds left on the timer and brings him back just in time.

After the barrier comes down, Stefan tries to rescue Caroline, but Valerie’s spell affects him too. Caroline's skin burns him. By covering her body with a blanket, Stefan can avoid touching his love. However, Stefan suddenly gets pulled out of the window, and Caroline gets dragged down the stairs by a magical force. Enzo has gotten the maid to sign the deed to the house. She invited Caroline in before the magic dragged her out of the house, but Stefan wasn’t so lucky.

Once she is back in chains, Nora reveals that Valerie isn’t as nice as she seems. She gives Caroline Stefan’s journal from the 1800s, which Valerie has been carrying around since they returned. It reveals that Stefan met Valerie and seemed to have a crush when he was young. Valerie’s spell might be to keep Caroline away from her man rather than a favor.

The Brothers Unite: With Elena’s body gone and Caroline being tortured, Lily has the boys in a tough spot. Damon tells Stefan that he had to agree to leave town for good. “She’s slowly taking away everything we care about. She wants us to be mad at each other,” Damon says. The brothers won’t be divided that easily.

Damon might have a way to get both of their loves back. There were six Heretics with Lily in the prison world, but only five have been seen. He decides to find the sixth Heretic to negotiate a trade.

Alaric’s Mission: Alaric tells Bonnie about the phoenix stone. It supposedly can bring people back from the dead. Bonnie tries to see if there’s magic inside of it and sees violent flashes of dead bodies. “There’s something wrong with the stone, Ric, something evil,” Bonnie says.

She tells him that they need to destroy it. Alaric has the acid ready to get rid of the stone, but he doesn’t do it. He lies to Bonnie on the phone and says that he went through with it. Instead, he goes to the morgue to test the phoenix stone on a random corpse. He sees a dead student breathe before removing the stone from the corpse's chest, which seems to stop him from coming back to life.

The Flash-Forward: This week’s flash-forwards took place three years into the future in Dallas, where Caroline is working at a local news studio. Her fiancé called her assistant and he needs to know what her schedule is so he can plan a surprise trip to Mystic Falls. “But he knows that we can’t go back there,” Caroline says.

Who is Caroline’s fiancé? It’s definitely not Stefan. When her assistant later tells her that the Salvatore brother called, she seems upset. “I never want to hear the name Stefan Salvatore ever again,” she says. Suddenly, Caroline is shot with a stake, but viewers don’t see the shooter.

Elsewhere in this episode:

  • Alaric says college students regularly enter Mystic Falls on some sort of fun ghost hunt, but at least 10 have been killed.
  • Enzo says he doesn’t want to be one of Lily’s children. He says that he is just here for her and implies that he is interested romantically.
  • Matt wants to place blame on Damon, but Bonnie is quick to take responsibility for her own decisions.

“The Vampire Diaries” Season 7 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW.