"Vanderpump Rules" is wearing out one of its veterans. During a recent podcast, Stassi Schroeder shared that the reality show drama is taking a toll on her. 

“We’re at the homestretch from filming, I have a few days left. My brain is mush. I have no energy, ” she said on the Aug. 9 episode of her podcast Straight Up with Stassi.“The drama is killing me."

"I can’t anymore. I can’t talk about this [expletive] anymore," the 31-year-old added. "I don’t even know how to do a podcast because I’m just like…I’m dead. I’m literally dead inside.”

The drama is so intense that it's even taken a toll on the newly engaged star's fiancé, Beau Clark, who chimed in, “My emotions are shot."

Stassi didn't say any names or give specific details, but fans of the show know there is never a shortage of drama when it comes to the "Vanderpump Rules" crew. Some have even noticed that there seems to be a rift brewing between Stassi and fellow co-star Kristen Doute.

Stassi's mother, Dayna Schroeder, confirmed the feud when a fan commented on an Instagram post of her congratulating her daughter on her engagement. 

“Dayna were you sad Kristen wasn’t there? I know you two are close,” the fan wrote.

“Yes, quite sad,” Dayna responded. “But I didn’t really know all the particulars. So I was out of the loop for awhile. Don’t you worry, it’s like Lion King and the circle of life. ….each one of these girls will grow, change and come back to their original strong friendship bond that they’ve always had. Somethings just take time.”

It looks like fans will have to wait for "Vanderpump Rules" Season 8 to find out what happened.