• A vegan influencer decided to eat meat for 30 days
  • She said she has never felt healthier after opting for the Carnivore Diet
  • Her followers were not that happy with her decision

Vegans rely on vegetables and other plant-based foods for their daily nutrient requirements. Obviously, they hate meat. However, one vegan influencer, Alyse Parker, made a huge shift and decided to become a meat-eating human. What made a big difference, especially among her followers, was her revelation that she felt healthier after eating meat for 30 days.

Alyse may be one of the most influential vegans out there. Her number of adoring followers on both Instagram and YouTube says it all. Alyse has 200,000 followers on IG while she has more than 700,000 on YouTube.

Going Carnivore

After indulging in plant-based food products for years, Alyse finally decided that she would try the Carnivore Diet. She heard from friends that it would offer the body great health benefits and so she decided to make the switch as well.

vegan influencer eats meat
vegan influencer eats meat Jill Wellington - Pixabay

According to Alyse, she was also struggling with her health. In fact, she reached “a breaking point,” which prompted her willingness to try anything that could help her become healthier.

As per Alyse’s explanation that was reported on NYPost, she swallowed her pride and decided to give the Carnivore Diet a shot. She said that she had a “full-on carnivore.” She swore to wake up the next morning and just felt mentally clearer. She further described her state of wellness as being more focused and wholesome that she ever had felt in years.

Negative Reactions

While her decision to go on a full-carnivore diet didn’t meet some of her followers’ fancy, she felt that she had gained so much in terms of health benefits. The only downside to it is that she got a lot of bashing from some vegan followers.

One of her YouTube followers opined that her shift was “so disappointing.” Another user said that she would eventually go back to being vegan. The commenter then said that she had been a vegan for more than four years, and she has never been healthier, highlighting that she has the blood work to prove how healthy she was.

Despite all the negative reactions that Alyse received because of her decision to go for a carnivore diet, she remained steadfast in eating meat. The next few months will determine if the vegan influencer will truly stick to her newfound diet.