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  • Jennie and V allegedly held hands while on a date in Paris
  • Rumors that the two were dating began in December 2021
  • Jennie and V have yet to confirm or deny that they're dating

Jennie and V were allegedly spotted holding hands while taking a romantic stroll in Paris, France, fueling dating rumors once again.

French photographer Amar Taoualit uploaded a video of the sighting — taken along the iconic Seine River in the City of Love — via TikTok Wednesday and claimed it was the 27-year-old BTS member and the 27-year-old Blackpink main rapper.

Jennie and V's — real name Kim Tae-Hyung — faces could barely be identified since the video appeared to be taken from afar, causing some fans to speculate that the photographer was lying, per AllKpop.

But hours after posting the video, Taoualit took to Instagram to share a photo captured by his paparazzi friend Ali Letaissa, which showed a clearer image of the "Butter" hitmaker wearing the same outfit — consisting of a brown leather jacket, basic jeans, and a fisher boat hat — seen in the video. An unidentified member of his management team was also spotted walking behind him.

Other videos of the pair on the streets in Paris made waves on the internet, including one where they walked alongside their managers near the Eiffel Tower and another that showed them seemingly heading into a black van.

In addition, eagle-eyed fans also noticed that Jennie was spotted in the same ensemble while on a trip to the mall earlier that day, which consisted of a bucket hat and a white long-sleeved top paired with black pants. Her manager, who was referred to as a "hhuit," sported the same sports-themed leather jacket in the photos and videos online.

The Paris sighting came after over a year of dating speculation, beginning when V accidentally followed Jennie on Instagram in 2021 but immediately unfollowed her, according to AllKpop.

The Celine ambassador then appeared on WeVerse to ask fans, "Is there a way to get rid of the 'recommended' friends list here on this Insta thing? It's a scary app," seemingly hinting that the "Pink Venom" singer was on his recommended list.

In May 2022, the dating rumors surfaced again when personal photos of the alleged couple circulated online, including a trip to Jeju Island and an alleged date in New York City, which only leaked in September of that year.

At the time, Jennie's agency YG Entertainment addressed the issue, saying they had "nothing to say" regarding the matter and would inform the fans if ever they had a "different response to share." Hybe Entertainment — the label of BTS — did not comment on the dating rumors.

As for the recent sighting, the pair or their respective representatives have yet to confirm or deny the dating rumors.

Jennie is currently in France as part of her promotional activities for "The Idol," which is her official debut in acting. The upcoming HBO series will premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

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