Amy Poehler ("Saturday Night Live") stopped by "Late Night" on Wednesday to reunite with Seth Meyers, her former Weekend Update co-anchor and current "Late Night" host, for a new segment of "Really!?! with Seth & Amy."

"Really!?! with Seth and Amy" was a recurring feature of Weekend Update in which they would rant about ridiculous things in the news. The latest target of their exasperation? Sports Illustrated contributor Andy Benoit, who tweeted this week that women's sports weren't worth watching in response to the Women's World Cup. By the time the segment had aired, Benoit had already deleted and apologized for the tweet.

Poehler and Meyers didn't stop at Benoit. They also lambasted Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition and the fact that Women's World Cup is broadcast on Fox Sports 1, a channel "nobody gets."

Check out the video below: