An American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis on Friday was forced to stop in Denver due to an unruly passenger, who allegedly was on drugs.

Fox News reported that two passengers said the man lit up a cigarette in the cabin and the bathroom. Another report noted that passengers said the man admitted to being high on cocaine before he locked himself in the bathroom. He also reportedly smoked marijuana while on the plane.

According to one observing passenger, Jim Dickey, who was with his wife en route to a conference, the man threatened others and yelled, “you’re all screwed.”

“My wife and I were like, ‘We’re not going to make it to Minneapolis,’” Dickey said.

The man reportedly instigated fights with and swore at others, and began beating seats and the plane itself. Approximately one hour into the flight, the pilot announced the flight would land in Denver due to a security issue.

"I think everyone knew what that was for," Dickey said.

After this announcement, Dickey said that the passenger ran yelling towards the bathroom. It was at this point, while he was in the bathroom, that the passenger shouted, “you’re all screwed.” As the plane approached its new destination, the man returned to his seat and seemed jittery.

Once the plane had landed, the pilot instructed the first 13 rows of passengers to depart so that security could remove to the passenger. As passengers exited the plane, he punched one of them and also showed the middle finger. He could be seen lighting up either a cigarette or a joint on the plane.

The man was eventually handcuffed by Denver police and taken away on a stretcher.

In a video posted on, multiple passengers can be seen shooting videos or pictures of the incident.

Video showed the man yelling obscenities while on a stretcher, as he was escorted from a terminal by EMT and police.

“Take it off. It hurts. I'll f---ing kill you!” the man yelled.

The flight left for Minneapolis two hours later.

American Airlines plane at terminal
An American Airlines plane is seen at Charlotte International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Feb. 17, 2019. Getty Images/DANIEL SLIM