• UFO expert Scott Waring claimed to have discovered the entrances to alien bases
  • The alleged alien bases are located in Pee Dee Island in South Carolina
  • Waring believes the bases have passageways leading out into the sea

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted the entrances to five different underground bases in South Carolina. The expert believes that the alleged bases have passageways leading into the sea.

The strange sighting was reported by Scott Waring of ET DataBase. In a recent blog post, Waring said that he came across the images of the alleged bases while using Google Earth.

As he was using the application, he spotted a strange pattern in South Carolina. The pattern shows five oval-shaped structures on the ground. According to the details provided by Google Earth, the strange objects are in South Carolina’s Pee Dee Island.

Due to their appearance, Waring speculated that they could be the entrances to an underground alien base. Since the alleged entrances are only about 50 kilometers from the ocean, Waring assumed that the underground alien bases have passageways that lead out into the sea.

This idea coincides with Waring’s theory about aliens building underwater bases on Earth. According to the UFO expert, this is the main reason why many UFO sightings happen near large bodies of water.

“I was using Google Earth map and found five entrances to an underground base in South Carolina,” he stated in a blog post. “The location is just 50km away from the ocean, so the underground base may extend out into the open sea and allow the UFOs to exit over there instead. However, these old exits/entrances are still visible, so they were obviously used a lot.”

Waring strongly believes that aliens made the oval-shaped objects due to their orientation and overall appearance. As noted by the UFO expert, the objects are situated at an odd angle. And though they have varying sizes, they are still aligned with one another.

“The five islands are at a perfect 45-degree angle on the map according to the US geological service,” Waring stated. “The five ovals have a center oval that is largest and smaller and then smaller again as it goes outside. They are lined up parallel to each other. All this should be statistically impossible and yet...there it is.”

Despite Waring's “proof,” however, there is no evidence supporting his claims of South Carolina being home to underground alien bases.