Hawaii has declared a state of emergency as massive flooding destroys homes and ravages infrastructure. Heavy rains and the threat of further damage are expected to continue through Friday, according to reports.

The emergency declaration frees up funding to help counteract the effects of the storm, which has already claimed several homes in Maui. Two bridges in Wong’s Village, Oahu, collapsed as flooding rose to meet their surface. Peahi Bridge in Maui was also destroyed, with power out for 1,300 residents at one point.

The swiftness of the waters caught some residents off guard. One Maui man said the water level reached his chest in a matter of minutes as he carried off his dog, who managed to clamber onto the roof.

Public officials sent dire warnings to constituents in the hopes of increasing compliance with evacuation orders.

“Catastrophic flooding from Opaeula Stream. Evacuate now from Haleiwa town," read a Honolulu County government emergency notice Tuesday. "You are in danger. Leave now."

"My caution to anyone watching is please heed that warning and evacuate. We don't do those kind of orders capriciously, we do those with purpose, they are most serious," Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi said Tuesday.

The fire department in Maui received more than a dozen calls from residents stranded by the rising waters. As of Tuesday, there have been no fatalities.

"When you see flood damage in the light of day, it's a reminder of the sheer power of fast-moving water," said Maui Mayor Michael Victorino. "We are so fortunate there were no reported deaths or injuries. I want to publicly thank our first responders who did heroic work under very dangerous conditions."