A gas station employee has been fired for telling customer to “go back” to their countries.

The gas station clerk was caught on video verbally berating a Hispanic family that came into a Bucky’s Express shop in Naperville, Illinois. The employee, whose name hasn’t been released, can be heard in the video questioning the citizenship of Carolina Buitron and her family.

“I'm an American,” the clerk says to the women. “Are you a citizen?”

When the women responded yes and pushed back against the question, the clerk responded by asking if they “know the rules?” And when one of the women responded by saying she would call police, he took it a step further by saying “ICE will come” for her family.

“He started asking about my cousins, if they were illegal, family or friends, are they adopted,” Buitron told NBC Chicago.

A customer joined in with the clerk and said the group had “no rights.”

The clerk was initially suspended before being fired on Thursday by Buchanan Energy of Omaha, Nebraska, which owns 40 Bucky’s Express shops in the surrounding Chicago area. His firing was confirmed in a post on the company’s Facebook page, also condemning his statements to the customers.

Mayor Steve Chirico also condemned the clerk’s statements in his own Facebook post, saying “hate has no home here in Naperville” and “this type of behavior has no place in society at large.”

The Naperville Police Department has also seen the video and is currently investigating the situation further.