A Jack in the Box employee shared a video Saturday of a cup experiment that he conducted at work that seemingly alleges that the same amount of liquid fits in all cup sizes. The video, which has attracted more than 76,000 retweets and over 125,000 likes, has puzzled social media users that are trying to comprehend whether the fast-food chain is scamming customers. 

Jack in the Box's menu offers customers four drink sizes, including 16, 20, 30 and 40 ounces. Twitter user @franco_713, who made his account private shortly after his video gained traction, alleged that Jack in the Box is "finessing" customers as the company subtly deceives the public on the amount of liquid that each cup can hold.

The viral video depicts what happens when the same amount of liquid is poured into three different cup sizes. The cups appeared to be filled to the brim with the same amount of liquid. The worker started by pouring liquid from the small cup into the medium, which he then dumped the contents of the medium cup into the large one.

The internet appeared to be confused about the worker's experiment. The video has puzzled many Twitter users, which has resulted in a debate over the validity of it. While many have asserted that the larger cup likely "already had liquid in it," others argued that the fast-food chain does "finesse."

Another Twitter user that claims to be a Jack in the Box employee shared a video on Tuesday of his own cup experimentation, which was posted in an effort to challenge the apparent declarations made in the original video. The footage shows that the liquid did not evenly fit into three cup sizes, despite what the first video led many to believe.

"Coming from a bored jack in the box staff I have disproven your source," the second employee said in a tweet. 

A third Twitter user tested the cup trick with water. While it was hard to tell the difference between the contents inside each cup because of the clear liquid, the person conducting the experiment lifted up the larger cup to reveal that it wasn't close to being filled.

A representative from Jack in the Box did not immediately return International Business Times' request for comment.