A shark was caught dragging behind a Floridian's high-speed boat in a video Monday, launching an investigation by the state upon being notified of the footage's existence, according to Florida news publication Bradenton Herald. The video went viral, with several users sharing the video across various social media platforms.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) called attention to the video, which shows the shark whipping wildly throughout the water as it's being pulled by a rope. Multiple men are heard laughing in the background, with one saying, "Look, it’s already almost dead."

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"The FWC takes this very seriously and is currently investigating this incident. We are also attempting to identify the individuals in the video and where it took place," Rob Klepper, a public information coordinator from FWC, told the Bradenton Herald Tuesday. "It is too early to speculate as to what, if any, violations took place in this incident."

An individual shared the footage on Instagram, hoping to raise awareness to the incident depicted in the video. The Instagram user wrote in all caps, "CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WTF IS GOING ON HERE ???? JUST GOT THIS ON MY FEED! SENT FROM @bearjew428 AND @MICHAELWENZEL.FOR ONCE I MAY HAVE TO AGREE WITH @PETA." 

FWC has not confirmed the findings from its investigation.

One Instagram user seemingly identified one of the men involved in the video, claiming he's known for participating in violent acts towards animals. "Sad thing is the one dude is really known for harassing animals," the user wrote. "If you're in the area, the dude with the sunglasses has gotten in trouble for harassing and harming (ie;) catching a pelican with a fish hook.. just a spoiled kid that's bored with daddy's money."

The video has shocked several social media users, with several claiming the act was "wrong" and "disgusting." While the FWC is unclear whether or not an actual violation occurred by the men who willingly dragged the shark, Florida law states that a person who unnecessarily harms an animal can be punished with jail time or a fine up to $5,000, according to Florida Legislature. In some cases, both a fine and jail time can apply. 

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Individuals with information about the incident are encouraged to contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by phone at 888-404-3922, or by emailing the organization Tip@MyFWC.com. Contributors will remain anonymous.

The video emerges during Shark Week, which started July 23 and will conclude July 30. Created by the Discovery Channel in 1988, Shark Week is an annual televised event that quickly became a staple of American culture in the summer, showcasing shark-themed programming to the masses. Programs making waves during July's special include "Sharks and the City: LA" and "The Lost Cage," among others.

Shark A shark, pictured April 2, 2005 in Istanbul, a video of a shark being dragged by a high-speed boat goes viral. Photo: Getty Images