Police near Atlanta, Georgia, reportedly tracked down the whereabouts of a woman who physically attacked a store employee Dec. 27 following a dispute over the price of a hair weave. The woman, who was arrested Tuesday, is facing charges of battery for her involvement in the brawl.

Melissa Roper and her daughter were frustrated over the service and the price of a weave at Venus Beauty Supply in Duluth, Georgia, WLS-TV reported. Surveillance video from store depicted Roper becoming seemingly aggressive towards one of the store's employees working at the cash register. 

The video footage shows Roper lashing the merchandise into the female worker's face before walking away. The employee responded by tossing the item over the counter. The worker then moved from behind the counter to speak with the mother-daughter duo, however. The woman appears to walk with them to the other side of the story, but that's where the interaction took a violent turn.

The mother can be seen throwing three punches into the female staffer's face before exiting the premises. The pair's verbal exchange can't be detected by the surveillance video footage, however.

"She threw it at me and said, 'that's fine, I'm not going to come back here anymore,'" the store's owner told WSB-TV

The beauty supply store workers alleged further that Roper threatened to engage in more violence. The store owner's husband said, "I tried to stop her, she said, 'Stop doing it, I don't want to hurt you, I don't want to bring my gun,'" according to WSB-TV. 

As the Duluth Police Department watched the store's surveillance video footage, they noticed that Roper mistakenly dropped her phone to the ground, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Detectives managed to use the woman's phone to identify her and eventually track her down Tuesday. 

This wouldn't be the first time a physical altercation arose over a hair weave. A fight turned fatal in 2014 when one teenage girl insulted her friend's weave, New York Daily News reported. This incident led to the death of the insulted victim's then 19-year-old boyfriend, Shawn Williams, as he was fatally shot by her friend's boyfriend.