"Saturday Night Live" returned with comedian Amy Schumer as the host and Steve Lacy as the musical guest. It was Schumer's third time hosting and comes ahead of the new season of her own sketch comedy show "Inside Amy Schumer."

Here are some notable moments from the fifth episode of Season 48 of "Saturday Night Live."

The Cold Open

The episode began with a message from the President of the United States, played by castmember James Austin Johnson, the resident Joe Biden impersonator. Johnson's Biden begins by announcing that the midterm elections are not going well for Democrats: "Big yikes -- what's going on?!" He then offers a few celebrities to replace current candidates in order to reinvigorate the electorate.

First, its new-age author Marianne Williamson, played by castmember Chloe Fineman, who holds a Tibetan singing bowl. Johnson's Biden calls Williamson a "level-four enchantress" who can be the "next offense against a dark arts teacher."

Next, Johnson's Biden selects celebrity chef Guy Fieri, played by Molly Kearney, who has the experience of being the "30-year Mayor of Flavortown" to challenge Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania.

Johnson's Biden also recommends adult-film star Stormy Daniels, played by Cecily Strong, to run for governor of Michigan. Strong's Daniels says, "I will debase myself and enter U.S. politics." There are also recommendations for Tracy Morgan, Azealia Banks, and Tekashi69 to replace boring candidates in the midterms.


Schumer performed stand-up in an almost six-minute opening monologue. She joked about giving birth via cesarean and her marriage.

"We do role play, but I am always in the same role... in a coma."

Schumer also discusses her husband's Autism Spectrum Disorder, which can no longer be called by its namesake. "This is true. Dr. Asperger, who had, like Nazi ties, Kanye." She then taps her microphone about the headline-making artist Kanye West to suggest the joke wasn't audible.

"That's weird," Schumer deadpanned about the comment.

Twitter Content Moderation Council

A sketch poked fun at Elon Musk's Twitter takeover and the subsequent firing this past week of most of the existing staff. The two employees who are left at the company — they were played by castmembers Fineman and Keenan Thompson — run the content moderation council.

Strong's character disputes her account's ban. Schumer plays a sexy bot account, and Punkie Johnson, who represents Black Twitter, refuses to pay Musk's request for an $8 subscription fee to keep her verification.

Johnson, this time doing a Donald Trump impersonation, asks for his Twitter account back, but then uses the moment to announce his presidential reelection bid.

Weekend Update

Weekend update hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che begin by assessing the possible outcome of the midterm elections. Jost addressed the lack of sympathy which should have been demonstrated to Paul Pelosi after a home intruder attacked him with a hammer.

"Donald Trump Jr. mocked the attack on [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi's husband by posting an image of a hammer and a pair of underpants with the message, 'Got my Paul Pelosi Halloween costume ready.' And I would agree Don Jr. is probably the expert on getting hammered in your underwear," he joked.

"Also, is that your underwear, man? Why is it so dirty and stretched out? Like you were trying to burn Paul Pelosi, but now I'm just wondering if you wear your dad's old underwear," Jost continued.

Che joked about NBA player Kyrie Irving's recent promotion of an antisemitic movie, "Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America," which asserts the Holocaust never happened. Che quipped that after meeting with the Anti-Defamation League that Irving "will pretend not to be antisemitic."

"You know, 'Hebrews II 'Negroes' was also the name of my favorite R&B group in the '90s," Che said.

Dave Chappelle will serve as host, and Black Star will be the musical guest on the next episode of "Saturday Night Live," which will air on Nov. 12 on NBC.