This week’s episode touched on a variety of topics, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s feud with the “Sesame Street” character Big Bird, Steve Bannon, and Kyle Rittenhouse.

The episode was hosted by actor Jonathan Majors and featured musical guest Taylor Swift. 

Aside from the jab at Cruz, the “Weekend Update” took on some controversial topics, and Swift lent her vocals to a hilarious parody music video. 

Check out some of the notable sketches from the sixth episode of “SNL” Season 47.

Cold Open

The NBC comedy sketch show kicked off the night by reigniting Cruz’s feud with Big Bird from “Sesame Street.” The former Republican candidate for president had recently attacked the children’s show character after it encouraged kids to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cruz, played by “SNL” cast member Aidy Bryant, introduced his new show “Cruz Street” and its residents. Bryant explained that it was important to launch the show after standing by and watching “Sesame Street” teach children “dangerous ideas like numbers and kindness.”

"When Big Bird told children 'get vaccinated against a deadly disease,' I said, ‘Enough,’ and I created my own 'Sesame Street' called 'Cruz Street,'" Bryant said. "It’s a gated community. Kids are safe from the world government."

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, played by Cecily Strong, also stopped by to bring an AR-15 to Cruz Street and offered kids a chance to hold it. Other residents included podcaster Joe Rogan, Oscar the Slouch, and Britney Spears.

Weekend Update

On "Weekend Update," co-anchor Colin Jost reflected on Bannon’s indictment on contempt of Congress after failing to appear at a deposition for an investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. 

Jost revealed Bannon, a former adviser to President Trump, could face up to two years in prison. “Which, by the looks of him, might be a life sentence,” he said.

Co-anchor Michael Che then discussed the moment during Rittenhouse’s trial when he began to cry while testifying. The 18-year-old defendant faces several felony charges, including first-degree reckless homicide and first-degree intentional homicide.

“Is there a white tears law school that I don’t know about?” Che asked. “I notice every time y’all get in trouble, you start crying and everything just works out for you, whether you’re trying to beat a murder charge or trying to be a Supreme Court Justice,” he said as a photo of Brett Kavanaugh appeared on the screen.

Before becoming a Supreme Court Justice, Kavanaugh became emotional while testifying that he did not sexually assault Christine Blasey Ford.

Other topics discussed on “Weekend Update” included the end of Spears’ conservatorship and Swift’s 10-minute long performance of the re-released song, “All Too Well.”

Please Don’t Destroy - “Three Sad Virgins”

Castmember Pete Davidson tapped Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy to appear in a video with him about best friends hanging out. However, the three guys got a disappointing surprise when they realized the song was about Davidson and three sad virgins, the Please Don’t Destroy sketch team.

Davidson started the music video by rapping about his courtside seats and famous friends “except for these three sad virgins.”

Marshall, Higgins, and Herlihy became offended after learning they were the “three sad virgins” but weren’t willing to stand up to Davidson. When they finally decide to call him out, Davidson agreed to end it right after Swift finished singing the bridge.

Swift began singing about how Marshall “is like a sad Ron Weasley, he looks like if Big Bird lost all his feathers.” She then turned her focus to Herlihy, who was described as “having the charm and the sex appeal of a scarecrow.

Swift then noted that Higgins had a large “bowling-ball head” and questioned, “how does he stay upright with that big fat melon?”

In the end, Davidson and Swift come together to determine that the three sad virgins were “going to die alone.”

Actor Simu Liu will host the next episode of “Saturday Night Live,” with Saweetie as the musical guest.

Saturday Night Live Pictured: Musical guest Taylor Swift performs on an episode of “Saturday Night Live.” Photo: Will Heath/NBC