“Saturday Night Live” wasted no time taking on some of the week’s headlines involving Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The episode was hosted by actor Oscar Issac and featured musical guest Charli XCX. Along with tackling the Russia-Ukraine conflict, “SNL” also took aim at a children’s show and a controversial bill that could affect the LGBTQ community in Florida.

Here are some of the notable sketches from the 14th episode of “Saturday Night Live” Season 47.

Cold Open

The NBC comedy show opened up with a skit parodying Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson, played by Alex Moffat, and Laura Ingraham, played by Kate McKinnon. The two controversial television personalities were tapped to host the “Fox News Ukrainian Invasion Celebration Spectacular.”

The hosts started the night off by apologizing for showing support for Russia leading up to the invasion of Ukraine.

“I kept saying we should be more worried about our own border getting invaded by Mexico, but in my defense, I am racist, so I thought that was true,” Moffat said.

Meanwhile, McKinnon revealed the two would make up for their mistakes by “raising money for the real victims of this invasion, the oligarchs.” McKinnon stated people need to think about the hardships of the oligarchs and their sugar babies.

Former President Donald Trump, played by James Austin Johnson, was also on hand to help answer the phones. Some of his conversation topics included Rihanna’s maternity clothes, Beyond Burgers, and more.

Donald Trump Jr. (Mikey Day) and Kimberly Guilfoyle (Cecily Strong) also made an appearance to perform a parodied version of the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper song “Shallow” from “A Star is Born.”

Weekend Update

The “SNL” fake news segment slammed Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay Bill” after clarifying its meaning to McKinnon. The comedian initially thought the bill banned the word “gay” from being used in the classroom.

“I heard about this law, and I think it’s amazing,” McKinnon said. “When I was in middle school, in the 90s, I was kind of tortured by the constant use of the word ‘gay.’ Like, you know, ‘That’s so gay,’' or ‘Ew, you’re gay.’ It made me feel horrible.”

However, co-anchor Colin Jost explained the bill would actually ban the discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in schools.

After getting over the shock of the bill’s true purpose, McKinnon slammed the legislation. “If the 90s were right, and ‘gay’ means ‘bad,’ then this is the gayest law I have ever seen,” she said.

She then began a chant of the word “gay” to the beat of “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple.

Paw Patrol

While “Paw Patrol” is a popular kids’ show, it just wouldn’t work in the real world. The skit featured Issac as City Councilman Herb Tangier, who was desperate to have people vote out Mayor Goodway (Ego Nwodim) after she set the Paw Patrol initiative in place.

The initiative resulted in all of the local police, paramedics, and firefighters, being replaced by six talking dogs. “The Paw Patrol is run by a six-year-old boy named Ryder,” Issac said.

“Who is this kid? Beats me. As far as we can tell, he has no parents, and he doesn’t go to school. But maybe that’s for the best because with all of our tax dollars paying for all these cockapoos jetpacks, we now have one of the worst schools in the state.”

Some of the botched responses by the Paw Patrol included sending the water rescue dog to help a pregnant woman whose “water broke” and hanging up on a guy who believed his girlfriend overdosed.

At the end of the sketch, Herb revealed Goodway was also his wife.

Actress Zoe Kravitz will host the next episode of “Saturday Night Live” with Rosalia as the musical guest.

Saturday Night Live
Pictured [L-R]: Kate McKinnon and anchor Colin Jost during “Weekend Update” on “Saturday Night Live.” Will Heath/NBC