A video has gone viral in which passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight were told they would have to leave the airplane due to an accompanied maskless child. In the video, a 2-year-old child can be seen without a mask while eating, though another child was apparently also seated with the couple but not visible in the video.

Prior to takeoff on a flight from Orlando to New York, two adult passengers were approached by a flight attendant, who explained that the passengers either had to leave the plane for not following COVID-19 guidelines or the police would get involved.

In the 2:20 video, the flight attendant can be heard saying, "I told you, 'non-compliance [with the mask] -- you would have to get off.' I didn't want to do this."

The male passenger can be seen temporarily taking off his mask to ask the flight attendant, "What did we do?"

The flight attendant can be heard saying, "the pilot wants you off, you have to get off."

It's unclear if there was a relationship between the passengers and the person recording the video on their cellphone. It's also unclear if a Spirit Airlines employee had previously approached those passengers prior to the video.

Other passengers in the aisle could be overheard attempting to diffuse the situation between the flight attendant and the passengers who were asked to leave.

At one point, the male passenger says, "I will get my lawyer on the case."

Shortly after the video was posted on Twitter, a 17-second video from the male passenger was posted in which he said there was a "happy ending" and that the flight would resume. The video shows a maskless boy in the middle seat. The 2-year-old child, who was not eating in the video, was also not wearing a mask.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that children 2 years old and over are required to wear masks where mandatory.