A toddler’s journey through an Atlanta airport was caught on camera after he snuck away from his mother.

The incident occurred while the mother was at a check-in kiosk at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport printing their plane tickets. She turned away from her son “for one second” and turned around to find he had wondered off.

The boy managed to sneak away from his mother and was wondering around the terminal for a moment when he walked through an unattended ticket kiosk for Spirit Airlines. He then climbed onto a moving conveyor belt before getting momentarily stuck and pushed through by oncoming luggage.

Transportation Security Administration agents checking luggage in the baggage area can be seen immediately jumping to get the boy off the belt before it goes any further.

Once he was safely taken from the conveyor belt, the boy was taken to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for a “severely swollen and bruised” right hand. The boy suffered no additional injuries that have been reported on to this point.

Atlanta police also conducted a short investigation into the incident to figure out just how the boy managed to get onto the conveyor belt. According to police reports, no one saw the boy sneak past the kiosk and realized he was there after he had climbed onto the belt.

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