In a bizarre and rambling speech late Saturday, former President Donald Trump mused about NBA superstar LeBron James getting a sex-reassignment operation and competing as a woman.

Trump was speaking at the "Rally to Protect Our Elections," an event at the Arizona Federal Theatre in Phoenix that was hosted by political action committee Turning Point Action.

"I'll be honest, look, we all like to win," Trump said in a nearly two-hour speech. He then shifted to transgenders competing in sports.

"If I were a coach, I tell you, I wouldn't be talking to too many women — 'as we know women' — I'd be getting some of these people that..." Trump said before trailing off.

He then referenced James and how the basketball star could potentially compete as a transgender athlete.

"Somebody said that if LeBron James ever decided to get the operation, "how would he be, how would he be on the court?" Trump said.

Trump suggested that women's sports are in danger because of transgender athletes.

The estimated crowd of 5,000 seemed to react positively to Trump's comments about James. He said derisively of James: "you can have him."

In the same speech, Trump praised volatile former Indiana Hoosiers basketball head coach Bobby Knight, who endorsed Trump in 2016.

Trump has attacked James in previous speeches.

“How about basketball? How about LeBron?” Trump told a Pennsylvania crowd in November 2020. The crowd booed and chanted “LeBron James sucks!” In that speech, Trump blasted the NBA and its television ratings. He also blasted the NFL.