Comedian Seth Meyers on NBC's "Late Night" roasted two professional fisherman who were caught cheating at an Ohio tournament. The fishermen drew national attention for stuffing the fish they caught with lead weights.

On Tuesday, Meyers noted how the pair took a big risk for low prize money in a segment entitled, "Wait, What?"

"I mean, what was the top prize? A million bucks, $2 million? Wait, what...$29,000? You embarrassed yourself in front of your entire community for $29,000?" Meyers said.

"I'm sorry, I said that wrong: You each embarrassed yourself in front of the fishing community for half of $29,000. Minus taxes," he added.

Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky attempted to win The Lake Erie Walleye Trail tournament by stuffing the five fish they caught with lead weights wrapped in walleye filets.

The tournament director, suspicious that the five entries were several pounds heavier than expected, cut open one of the suspect fish and found weights and filets.

Runyan and Cominsky were arrested at the scene. They also could face lawsuits from their sponsors.