ABC's long-running daytime talk show "The View" is scrambling to find Joy Behar a co-host after her on-screen enemy Meghan McCain quit live on air.

The show is now seeking a "Trump Republican" to replace the conservative cast member that is leaving at the end of July, according to DailyMail. The show is struggling to find someone with such strong right political views like McCain, who was known for her bold opinions on the show.

“It's chaos behind the scenes at 'The View',” an ABC insider told DailyMail. “Joy Behar is openly moaning about Meghan leaving as it's finally hit her that sometimes it is better the devil you know.”

The source said ABC could make a bold move and hire popular conservatives like Kellyanne Conway, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Megyn Kelly or even controversial Candace Owens to “give the other women a run for their money.”

“Joy has only just realized that they could be getting someone much further right on the political spectrum than Meghan who won't put up with her crap,” the insider said.

McCain joined "The View" in October 2017. Ana Navarro will serve as a fill-in host while the show looks for the ideal person to permanently fill the show’s co-host seat.