Vikings Season 2 finale
Find out the ten most shocking moments from the Season 2 finale of "Vikings." Jonathan Hession

Wow. That’s all we have to say about last night’s jaw-dropping Season 2 finale of “Vikings.” From start to finish, episode 10, “The Lord’s Prayer,” had us digging out nails into our couch cushion, which means it looks like we’ll be making an Ikea run later today. So, what exactly went down during the last episode of the History Channel series’ second season? Well, if you happened to miss the finale, you can check out our detailed recap here or you can quickly scope out the nine most shocking moments below so you can hold a conversation with your fellow “Vikings” today.

1. Floki is a father! During episode 10, fans get to meet Helga and Floki’s daughter, whom the shipbuilder decides to name after Loki’s first wife, Angrboða. Helga looks confused at the name choice and asks her husband why he would want to name their child after someone evil. Floki responds saying she was a great giantess. For those who don’t know, Angrboða is identified in Old Norse mythology as the one who brings grief. Curious choice for a name, Floki.

2. Bjorn gets dissed: After Porunn becomes a free woman, she reveals to Bjorn that she’s reconsidering her choices regarding their relationship. She says she loved him as a slave because he treated her like she wasn’t one “but now I have choices.” Yikes. Instead of proving himself to be a worthy partner, Bjorn goes off and insults her saying that there’s plenty other pagans in the village for him to spoon with. “That is your first mistake,” she says, leaving a sting.

Vikings Season 2 spoilers
What did you think of Floki's slyness in the Season 2 finale of "Vikings"? Jonathan Hession

3. Floki goes rogue: Before the Season 2 finale was halfway over, Floki had gone off and killed Torstein. He picked a bunch of mushrooms from the mountains and fed them to Rollo and Torstein. But the blonde-haired Viking is eventually the one who croaked. King Horik had requested Floki kill someone “of importance” to prove his loyalty. When Floki complied, the red-haired King revealed his diabolical plan.

4. King Horik is the Gretchen Weiners of “Vikings” with a twist: The Viking ruler of Denmark is just petty that people like Ragnar better. Despite his high rank, King Horik just can’t seem to get out of the Earl of Kattegat’s shadow. That’s why he devises a plan to kill Ragnar and every member of his family so that no one could rise against him. What a Brutus.

5. Siggy reveals Ragnar’s weakness: From the pilot episode, we knew that Ragnar’s weakness was his children. But what surprised us the most was that King Horik left Siggy with the duty to murder the Earl’s young sons. Siggy agrees and King Horik promises he’ll return the favor by making her his second wife -- a Queen.

Vikings Season 2 finale
What did you think of Porunn's fight with Bjorn? Jonathan Hession

6. Battle of the blonds: We’ve seen our fair share of battles on “Vikings” but nothing made us more uncomfortable than watching Porunn trying to take down Bjorn. C’mon, Porunn. They don’t call him Ironside for nothing! Bjorn lets her get in a few flimsy punches and even strikes her back to show he “respects” her (yeah, the concept confuses us, too). Ultimately, the tussle turns Porunn on and she ends up doing the deed with Bjorn in the field.

7. King Horik brings in backup: We knew the King wanted to slaughter Ragnar’s family but we had no idea he was willing to kill everyone in Kattegat. And didn’t they just welcome his family to their village with open arms? King Horik’s warriors raid Kattegat, slaying anyone in sight -- including women, whose cries can be heard by the helpless Rollo.

8. Lagertha proves why she’s the fiercest of them all: When we met King Horik’s wife, we knew she showed Lagertha-like strength. She too is a shield maiden despite her high title. During King Horik’s raid, Lagertha and her team of butt-kicking fighters head straight to the Queen’s courters, where she’s preparing for battle herself. Lagertha catches her off- guard and the two ladies duke it out. But it’s ultimately Lagertha who proves she’s not one to be toyed with.

Vikings Season 2 spoilers
King Horik begs Ragnar to spare his son's life in the Season 2 finale of "Vikings." Jonathan Hession

9. King Horik gets played -- big time: Thinking he was about to ambush Ragnar, King Horik confidentially stomps his way into the Great Hall where he’s greeted with a familiar face: Torstein’s. Yep, Floki didn’t kill him. King Horik tells Floki that he betrayed the Gods but the tricky Viking argues. “No, King Horik. I only betrayed you. I was always true to the Gods and Ragnar.”

After King Horik surrenders himself, and begs for Ragnar to spare his son's life, the angry Lothbrok family takes turns jabbing the King with their swords. But it’s Ragnar who ends up getting the final stab. Ragnar shoves King Horik’s own knife (the one he gave to Siggy to kill the Lothbrok boys) into him and then finishes him off by head-butting him to death. Yeah, that’s a thing.

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