Vikings season 2 spoilers
What will happen in the Season 2 finale of "Vikings"? Vikings

Are you ready for the Season 2 finale of “Vikings”? If not, a sneak peek video from episode 10, “The Lord’s Prayer,” will surely prepare you for the nail-biting ending of the show’s second season, which will air tonight: Thursday, May 1 at 10 p.m. EDT.

In the one-minute clip from the final episode of the History Channel drama, fans get to listen in on yet another pivotal moment between Floki and his wife, Helga. Seriously, don’t you love the heart-to-hearts between these two love birds? Every time they slip away from Kattegat, Floki reveals a bit of the shenanigans he has up his sleeve. And this time, he does exactly that—except now there’s a baby in the picture and it’s his.

“What should we call her?” Helga asks, informing fans that she and Floki now have a daughter.

“Angrboða,” Floki replies.

“The name of Loki’s first wife?” Helga asks confused. "But she’s…”

“What’s wrong with that?” he jumps in.

“I thought she was evil. They had monster offspring,” Helga informs, referring to Loki’s children, Hela (goddess of death and the underworld), Iormungand (the world serpent) and Fenrir (kozmic wolf).

Vikings season 2 spoilers
Why did Floki name his daughter after Loki's first wife? Jonathan Hession

“She was a great giantess, Helga,” Floki argues.

He stares a few moments at his child before Helga interrupts asking if Floki will come back with them and get to know his daughter.

“No, I have to stay in Kattegat,” he says to his wife who is clearly distraught. “But you, you must go home.”

“Can’t I stay…?” Helga starts before Floki cuts her off. “You don’t understand, Helga. You have to leave. Leave. Leave,” he persists.

Helga walks off holding her baby but turns around once more to see her husband staring into the distance.

So, who exactly is Angrboða and why does Floki want to name his daughter after her? According to reports, Angrboða is a female giantess from Norse mythology and is known as “the one who brings grief” or “she-who-offers-sorrow.” She is also referred to in Norse sagas as the “Hag of Ironwood.”

Could his daughter’s potential name be a clue of what fans can expect to happen in the Season 2 finale of “Vikings”? It seems like Floki is trying to hint that grief will be the theme of “The Lord’s Prayer.” In addition to his daughter’s name, Floki insinuates that drama is about to go down in the final episode of Season 2 by sending his family away. Why else would he command Helga to leave Kattegat with their newborn baby unless there was about to be a whole lot of bloodshed. But whose blood will be spilled? That’s the million dollar question of the day.

What did you take away from the Season 2 finale sneak peek of “Vikings”? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into the final episode of Season 2 on May 1 on the History Channel.