Vikings season 2 premiere
Who did Ragnar chose in the season 2 premiere of "Vikings"? Vikings

Drama, drama, drama—that’s what the season 2 premiere of “Vikings” consisted of tonight when the History Channel aired its highly anticipated series. “Brother’s War” began just exactly how it sounds as Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Rollo (Clive Standen) swung their swords against one another during one of the most climatic scenes of episode one.

During the first scene of the premiere, Ragnar was in disbelief that his brother would ever raise a weapon against him. However, Floki was there to share some advice. “You must always think the worst. Even with your own kin,” he warned.

Turns out—Floki was right. Ragnar soon heard a horn that alerted him war was about to begin. The Earl then sent a messenger over to his brother in hopes of finding out if a battle is truly what he wanted. “Tell him I shall answer him with blood,” Rollo responded. And he certainly did.

The season 2 premiere of “Vikings” was a complete bloodbath—especially when Rollo stabbed the one-eyed warrior and raised him high like a flagpole. That horrific scene was so brutal that it caught Ragnar’s eye. That’s when the battle between brothers started.

Unable to attack his kin, Rollo surrenders and falls to the mercy of the man he wanted to destroy. With his brother’s white flag raised, the battle ends and Ragnar discusses a way to keep the peace by giving land to their enemy. But the enemy isn’t content.

“Why do we continue looking inwards?” Ragnar asked. “Why do we fight each other for land? Why don’t we look outwards to the west? If we raid it together, we’d need not to fight amongst ourselves, not kill our young folk. But instead, offer them land. And they can farm.”

The two groups merge together and agree a raid would be most efficient way to end their feud. But where does Rollo stand in this bloody mess? Well, according to the screaming crowd—his head is coveted to stand upon a stake.

“I’ve determined the fate of this man,” the lawgiver said. “This man chose to fight with our enemies. Chose to fight against his brother. He killed many of our sons, brothers, father. What hope is there for him?”

“He has no defense,” an angry member of the crowd screamed.

“He deservers to die. We all know that but I have decided to spare him," the lawgiver replied.

The displeased crowd roared.

“I have taken the advice of the gods. If they have wanted him dead he would have died in battle. But they spared him. He behaved in an interesting and unexpected way. The Gods have made their own judgment, which I cannot overturn. May he be set free.”

But the only thing unexpected was the outcome of the trial. Turns out, Ragnar—the big family man he is—bribed the lawgiver with a coveted coin from England.

Why would Ragnar want to save the man who tried to kill him? Is he really that into family? Well, the answer is yes. And we find that out when Ragnar introduces the princess he impregnated (Alyssa Sutherland) to his wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick.)

“I’m sorry but this woman is carrying my child,” he apologizes to his wife after Aslaug washes upon their shore. “I must take care of her. When I lost my unborn son it broke my heart. I failed and will not fail again. I can not turn that woman away.”

Ragnar had just recently lost his 12-year-old daughter, Gyda, so it’s understandable why he wouldn’t want to abandon the woman carrying his child. But what isn’t forgivable is Ragnar’s suggestion that he, Lagertha and Asluag live together in a polygamist relationship.

With that said, Lagertha decides to leave—giving her son the choice to come with her or stay with her father. Persuaded by a warrior, Bjorn decides to let his mother go on with her journey alone. Well, that is until Ragnar learns that his wife has left him. The Earl and his son both chase down Lagertha.

“You’re really going to abandon me without saying a word?” Ragnar asks.

“You insulted and humiliated me. I have no choice but to leave and divorce you,” she firmly said. That’s when Bjorn decides to stay with his mother.

The blond little boy hops into the carriage. “Move on,” Lagertha tells the driver.

And that’s exactly what Ragnar will have to do. Without his wife, son, daughter, and brother the farmer will have to move on and create a new life with the princess and their unborn baby.

Will Ragnar regret his decision of forcing his family to leave? Let us know what you think is going to happen next week when “Vikings” airs episode 2 “Invasion” on March 6 in the comments section below.